Removing Solder


So I wanted to replace some buttons on my stick, but the wire is soldered to the button

Is there a way to make sure the wires still work by cutting it? I don’t have tools to desolder, and I would just attach some QDs after I cut the wire and remove the buttons

I would be using new buttons so I don’t really care if there’s leftover solder or wire on the buttons

Anyone got any ideas?


Just those three Buttons right?
Yes, you can do.

Just be same as those with Quick Disconnects already on.


If the original maker soldered these buttons on it’s possible the disconnects might not have good clearance from the disconnects on the other buttons, or he just ran out of disconnects. In either case if you are really scared just remove the microswitches from the buttons and put them in the new ones. Everything stays soldered as original. I’m sure those microswitches are still in pretty good shape.


Hmm good idea Thirteen, do you know if a sanwa microswitch would fit in a seimitsu?

damnit i pushed off hte microswitch but the button is stuck on the other side, the only thing i can really do is cut the button apart =\

and i won’t be able to put the other one on anyway since hte microswitch goes in from hte top of ht ebutton =\


Just cut the wires and crimp on Quick Disconnect like you originally planned.
Bend the Microswitch Prongs if clearance is needed.

Easy stuff.

And like you just found out, Thirteen’s idea will not work.

Yes, for sure you can cut up the Button to get to Microswitch.
But then be impossible to put into Microswitch into new Button without cutting that too.

If you interested about Microswitch and Button fitting, check out my Post:

I kind of talk about specific Buttons; PS-14-K; but the Post applies to Buttons of a Family too.
Family of Microswitch that is.

An example not from my Post:

Sanwa SW-68 Microswitch in Seimitsu PS-14-P. Stock Seimitsu PS-14-P Button.


I forgot for a second there about Japanese microswitches going out through the button. DURRRR