Removing Te2 Buttons

Quick question, I decided to get some buttons and other parts today to mod my stick for the first time but am having some issues removing the buttons. I can get them to pop out but the issue is removing the wire connections with the clear cover over them. When I attempt to pull them off I just end up pulling the clear plastic part down and it stays connected to the buttons. Any help would be much appreciated.
Using the flat head screwdriver tool, push inward on
the small tabs on the inside of the
quick disconnects to easily remove
from each of the eight action buttons.

They don’t just pull off like basic quick disconnects.

Ah yes I was looking at that, do you mean on the black part of the button?

Grab and the base of the quick disconnect, wiggle, pull harder.

Didn’t know the TE2 used different QDs.

If you mean where the wires connect to the button itself I was trying that but it pulled the clear cover back just revealing the metal connections.

No, on the metal part of the QD

Idk whenever I try to do it this happens []

You’re supposed to slide that plastic up or you’ll never get at the tabs like the manual says to separate it.

Also be careful once you are finally removing the buttons. The tabs on half of my buttons broke when taking them out of my rivals te2 SMH. Talk about brittle :expressionless:

Some of my button tabs were broken while still in one of my TE2’s, I think Mad Catz installs them with a hammer, I have about 30 Sanwa dark hai’s and probably 10 have broken tabs and they weren’t even hard to remove and still break lol

Well I ended up getting it, half of the connectors were backwards/both facing the same direction so that kinda explains me not being able to find the push pin thing haha. Thanks for the help guys Now to wait for the rest of the parts so it actually matches >: [] Time to break in my first fight stick :smiley: