Removing the balltop on a LS-40-01?

I recently bought two LS-40-01 joysticks from a member on another forum, who described them as used and whatnot and said the balltops were a bit dirty.

They came today as described, though I was wondering if there was any way I could remove the balltops on these… They seem like the stick and ball top are one piece as opposed to other joysticks where the balltop can be removed.

Has anybody ever removed the balltop from one of these?

They are no different from other joysticks with shaft covers, just remove the balltop as normal…

They can certainly be removed. Even the sleeve can be removed

thats weird. Neither of my sticks will budge.

Use pliers

They probably applied some nice Red locktite on them :).

Try heating them up with a heat gun or maybe even a blow dryer.

Naw, they don’t come off. Not even with force…you know…the force.