Removing the Base of the Stock SFAC Stick

does anyone know how to get those damn 4 bolts off the corners that hold the base of the bao lian in the sfac stick. i’ve fucking tried everything i could to remove the bolts on them but they dont seem like they want to come off. i have the right size wrench (5/16) just dont understand why i cant get the bolts off the screws. any help would be cool. thanks

Did you do what this guy did?

yeah that’s actually the site i’m using to do this. i did everything they did but for some reason my bolts wont budge.

Will the bolts turn but not loosen, or are they just not budging at all?

Could try the other method of: removing the rubber molding on the sides, plexi, artwork, and getting at the bolts directly.

they turn but wont loosen and i try holding the screw down and then turning the bolt but still no good

Holding the screw down? You’ve removed the molding/plexi/artwork already then?

And when you say it won’t loosen, you mean the nut on it?

Those screws slip unless you hold them down from the other end. Just remove everything on the top, plexiglass, art buttons, etc and you can access the philips side of the screw.

Thanks for the tips they helped out a lot. Would anyone know where i can buy some extra start and select buttons for this stick?