Removing the music from SSF4

Hi guys, I play SSF4 on the pc, love the game but really getting bad nerves from the aweful music, any1 have a trick or two, about how to completly remove the music??

Should be simple enough. When you go boot up the game, go to “Options” and go under “Sound Settings” or whatever it’s called. You should be able to find volume controls for sound effects, character voices, and music. Turn the music volume all the way down and that should do it. You can then play Street Fighter without any music playing.

I´ve already turned down the music all the way down , BUT nope, its still there :confused:

Hmmm…Odd. That usually does the trick for me when I play AE on the 360. I’ll double check this when I get back home. I’ve got access to AE on the PC as well, so I’ll check it on both and make sure it isn’t a console exclusive thing for instance. It shouldn’t be, but hey, you can never be sure right? I’ll post back here with my findings unless someone beats me to the punch. :lol:

Mikester99, I just checked on both the Xbox 360 version and on the PC and I stand corrected. You are right, even if you turn the BGM volume in the Options menu to 0, there is still just a tidbit of volume that remains. Sorry to say that in that case, I’m out of ideas. I’m not at all familiar with manipulating the PC game files to keep the music off and in the searches I did, I couldn’t find much on it, though my Google-fu might just be weak. Hopefully, someone can answer your question.

If you get an mp3 of silence, you can play it as media on the Xbox and get the sound off that way.

Mute your TV

try the actual sf4 forums. there should be a mod thread for the pc versions and there are ways of replacing music/sfx/etc…

Thx guys, I tried myself to mess around with the BFM files, I tried to replace them and tried to remove the “main” and so on, but the game crashes. luckily I ofc. made a backup ;)… I´ll check around more today and make a post if I find anything, I used hours last night so I think I´ve tried most options :slight_smile:

From a quick scan of the SSF4-for-PC modding thread the closest thing I found [for editing the music file to make it silent] was:

What you are quoting was for versus results music edit. To remove all the music would take some effort as you would need to go through a fairly large chunk of files and repack them with an mp3 that has a few seconds of silence.

The vanilla wiki DOES have tutorials on changing/removing the bgm on the stage files. For some of the more intricate removal of music it would take some effort as you have to go through the .csb file and find which parts need to be changed then repacked.