Removing the side panels off the MLG fightstick


So, Some time ago I got one of those MLG TE sticks, because it was on sale for $100.00(usually price is like 50 bucks higher)

The thing is, I’m really not a fan of the way it looks. but the absolute worst part of it, for me, is those stupid, gaudy looking side panels. they’re like reflective and metalic, and just don’t go with the darker look of the rest of the stick.

So, my question is, Can they just be removed, to make it a more flat box shape? does there NEED to be a side panel there(as in, will there just be an awkward hole if I don’t buy some new side panels)?


Yes, you can remove them, but you should put some form of TE sides in their place. To get to removing them, remove the bottom six screws from the bottom panel, then the ~12 screws keeping the case together. Then you can unhinge the sides.