Removing the turbo panel out of a TE

Hey guys, just had a quick question for those of you who have taken the turbo out of your TE. Can you just cut/remove the wires running from the main PCB to the turbo PCB with no problems? I don’t even need a guide button on this stick, so don’t worry about that.

If I do end up wanting to make a guide button, I suppose I’ll wire from the main PCB’s Xbox menu button to a 24mm button, correct?

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You can remove the LED board entirely from the stick if its the 360 version. I’d recommend removing the ribbon cables connecting the main board to the LED board by unplugging them from the main board. Unscrew the two screws holding the board to the case, and keep the pcb in the little plastic housing. Set the whole thing aside, but definitely keep it.
The kicker is though that you’d have to solder a wire to the guide point on the main pcb, and run that wire to the rear, formerly ‘select’, switch.
Please be aware you also have the option of buying an Imp solely for the purpose of using the Select+Start=Guide functionality. It’s a bit more soldering, but if you care to solder 5 wires to the main pcb (power, ground, guide, select, and start), and connect those to the Imp, then your Select and Start will work as normal, and pressing both will activate ‘Guide’ for you. Little extra soldering for more functionality if you choose.

Sounds good. I think I’ll just take it out for now and then connect the Guide to a 3rd button hole that I could drill out if I feel the need.