Removing Xbox360 thumbstick

I am building my own custom arcade stick and wanted to know if you guys thought any harm would come from removing the two square things that the tiny joysticks connect to on the 360 controller (sorry for the lack of terminology).


if you remove them, youll need to solder in resistors.

I’ve chosen to leave em in and i may hot glue them so they don’t move. Depends on whether they are gonna move or not when in the box.

I was going off the diagrams in the first post of this forum

looks like they were removed and no resistors are used. I am thinking this is because I am not soldering on the front side of the controller

I think that PCB has everything removed for 2 reasons.

  1. so it can be placed on a scanner & scanned hi-res for reference.

  2. to provide a clear view of all the details of the PCB.

so, any opinions? Will i still have to use some resistors and if so where?

If that is the case then I might as well reattach them back onto the board

wow, that would really suck -.- he should have pointed that out :frowning:

If I need to place in resistors, where should I stick em. I have a few 10ks sitting around here but my multimeter is dead…


much thanks. Now my pcb can be nice and flat.

Technical question. Does anything think there would be much of a difference if I used a 10k ohm resistor instead of a 5k as suggested. I am assuming yes but a no would be nice.

10k is used for the triggers, dunno bout the sticks.

If you’re lazy then hot glue is the way to go. Pop off the caps, put the glue gun opening at the tip of the metal post and squeeze. It will form a little pyramid which definitely keeps them from moving. It sounds like you’d rather go the resistor route but I’m just throwing it out there.

I’ve been reading up on getting the trigger signals for a stick. If you leave the triggers on, but you solder to the signal and ground points of the triggers, will they work? Seems to me the resistors are only needed when you remove the triggers.

I have a question about this.

If I remove the analog sticks and do not put in resistors, what’ll happen?

strange things

like if I press left on the D-Pad it goes down instead?