Remy.. a Cult.



so i play remy, and im ok. im not great, but i can play.
Its like anything you want to be good at. I know i wont ever be the best, but i know that someone out there, maybe everdred is amazing, and i dont see how remy taking to his highest potential isnt the best character in the game.
Think about anytime you were beat. You know that if you were better with remy you could counter. Maybe its just that 3s is more balanced then its given credit for…but i think an amazing remy can beat anyone.
Also i am wasted.
I know i am great with ken, and i can kick ass with ryu or akuma, but remy is just that character that makes me want to play. i love taking down a great ken or chun li, and i also have been in the zone with remy where i know i can be beat anyone.
I guess this thread is just about the type of person that knows remy is great and feels like he should get more credit…
the only reason remy isnt top tier is because no one has taken him to his potential and people dont play him enough… which is great.
its almost like knowing about that great band that isnt huge yet, or that movie that is underground and changes your life.
also i am wasted.


I can’t say I agree at all with Remy being the best in the game. I can’t argue with the fact that he’s fun to play, and quite frankly I can see where you’re coming from. I feel the same way about Elena. Shes an amazing character and not enough people give her a chance.

However , I dont , in any way, think shes the best in the game. The characters who are considered higher tier are for a reason. I mean look at Chun, her pokes are simply BETTER than most of the other characters. Look at Yun, he can do 80% damage off of one dive kick and his super bar is as short as the game allows. My point is, while 3S is more balanced than many games, due to parrying, some characters simply have advantages that cant be ignored. Look at Remy vs Hugo, Hugo has to work his ass off to do anything. Yun vs Q. LMFAO!!! poor Q!!!

anyways. I understand that youre wasted:lol, and may not have thought this post through. Im all for supporting your favorite character, and Remy is really cool and fun to play. Just had to argue though:lol:

out of curiosity: please post your reasons for placing Remy at the top of the tier list.


let’s philosophize this

p1. there are good remys
p2. these remys don’t win tournaments
p3. chuns, makotos, and kens win tournaments
p4. these guys beat remy players

remy is lower than chun, makotos, and ken

therefore if you lose to me when I use Remy… YOU SUCK


Heh… I know Remy is not the best char. I know he’s kinda poor char. but I play him anyway. I know how to play Chun, Ken, Ryu, even Yun… but my best results were allways with Remy. Maybe it’s just something in my head, but here in poland where I live there are no remy players except for me (i hope i’m ‘good’, at least all other players are saying so), so noone know how to get rid of my Remy strategies :slight_smile: I like Remy, i like playing remy and my Remy is my best possible choice.


i also relate to the character in someway…

I like gothic things.


me too, my sister is frozen in a block of ice in an underwater cave.


^ that’s the brother you dolt!

remy’s the sister :wgrin:


I used to think my Remy was untouchable.

Then I went to Evo :sad:

I will say this he is mad underrated though. I would say he’s a better character than Necro, Ibuki, Alex, Hugo, Q, Sean, Twelve, putting him roughly at mid-tier.


There just hasn’t seemed to be a Remy ‘Master’ that’s come out of the woodwork yet you’ve had the amazing:

Hayao - Hugo

Kuroda - Q

Aruka - Ibuki

Yamazaki - Twelve

PinoAB7 - Necro

RX - Urien

Kokujin - Dudley

Izu - Makoto

Sure we’ve had Pierrot and Ryo-Chin, but really they are 2 out of 3 Remy players I’ve ever seen in a tournament! There’s been no real Remy OCV’ing going on yet


how far did you get in evo?
did you only use remy?


I’ve allways though Ryo-Chin is the best Remy. At least he was the first great Remy I’ve ever seen, and all tutorials/combovids were made by ryo chin (now it’s hard to get his fights, he don’t play anymore?? - i don’t know). The truth is you are thinking about Aruka, Kuroda and Hayao (which in my opinion is worse Hugo than YSB) as the best of their char, becouse maybe you’ve seen some fights, when those players did some allmost impossible things with mid and low tiers they’re playing. But I’ve seen some great Ryo-chins actions (that made me to play Remy), so I think he is Remy no. 1


3s is a very well balanced game. Every character has the potential to beast. It just comes down to who is easier to win with. Characters like 12,Remy,Ibuki and Necro recuire a certain mind state that alot of people don’t have, and witch is very hard to obtain. There for you find people giving characters like Remy the end of the stick. When in fact its not because of Remy you loose but, its your lack of understanding Remy that makes you loose.


yea…throwing 30+ lovs during a match doesn’t make you an advanced Remy user, I don’t think you can beast when you’re half way across the screen from the enemy, or in the DB position for half the match.


truth man.


Not a remy vid but hella sick and worth watching that I had to visit just to post this. After all, you are the only guys I know (of in some ways) here in SRK. I’ve been innactive and hasn’t played 3S in a while but I will start playing when I hear of any updates regarding EVO06 (assuming it will be closer to my place.) 'till then, do your best to wear Remy’s crotch hugging-balls squeezing pants. Peace out!


Bah, you people are deluded. Just because someone can use a character well, doesn’t make the game balanced.

3rd Strike’s balance is lousy, plain and simple.
Yun, Chun Li, Ken, Makoto, and Urien pretty much crush anybody below upper-mid tier.
Remy is low tier whether you like it or not. He’s the lowest ranking character besides Twelve and Sean.

He can’t build meter with LoV’s, his normals blow, he can’t combo for shit, and his defense/stun meter are crap. If it weren’t for his EX LoV’s, he’d be worthless.

Hayao is a great Hugo player, and Yamazaki is a great Twelve player, but if you start trying to tell them that their characters are mid’ or high tier, they’re gonna look at you funny.
You say any character can beast? Watch Yamazaki VS AFM. Yamazaki is a much much better player, and he has AFM one hit away from losing the match, while he still has a little less than half life left.
AFM hits a C. MK > SAII, and Yamazaki is eliminated.

Aruka won the Ranbat recently with Ibuki, but that doesn’t mean Ibuki is good, it just means Aruka is insane.

Also, Remy isn’t a goth, he’s just some scene kid.

No way is he better than Necro, Hugo and Alex. I would argue that Q is better as well. Both American and Japanese tier lists have Remy at the very bottom just above Twelve and sean. Necro is actually close to mid-tier.


I wanna kick your ass you got an xbox live account?


this is all true.


necro ties with remy they just sum up to equal effectiveness based on different play types for each of them. tho necro might have electric snake his matches can become really up hill (same up hill feeling remy faces with his bad matches). the only matches remy gets into trouble with is the chun, ken (remy is built to fight shotos tho), yun and makoto (darn 100%).

remy fights pretty decent against the high mid tier, having advantages versus dudley and oro. does fair versus urien but suffers far worst for an aegis fuck up. also remy has advantage versus fighting necro since necro has to depend on the air to move forward cus of lov’s.

the top will always be top, remy is low like that not because he’s bad but because everyone else has easier things…(using charge the way remy does is needed 3 times as much as any other charge character in the game). but i dont mind remy along side hugo, twelve or Q cus what makes all those characters solid are the players. i like that mentality.

i dont mind remy being low because at higher levels it takes a bit more to lose. a decent remy should be landing lov’s (or yielding damage from set-ups from them) just like a decent hugo should be landing 360’s and pushing to get inclose with his normals. in remy’s case he has an easier time doing his part cus of his mobility. so hugo’s lack of mobility is balanced by high damage specials.

the way remy should play his normals work great (they are for cutting off movement). but if you wanna come in and crowd someone to land a hit confirm into super, then you gotta be good with the outside game he has first. what i mean by that is the pressure you apply from away has to apply in a way that lets you get in close because the opponent is immobilized in a position you have entry to. saying his normals suck really is opinion based on views from people who dont know any better about using remy as a whole.


I agree with this 100%…I think the reason we don’t see many aggressive Remy’s is due to the fact that they think “his normal suck” and do not know Remy in and and out. I tend to be rather aggressive, but I am still learning every niche remy has to his advantage.