Remy Anti Air Game

I started recently using Remy’s crouching roundhouse as an anti air it works pretty well for opponents who jump in but are too far away for a close standing roundhouse.

i found out u could hit them out of the air with it by accidently ending a juggle from a crouching fierce with the crouching roundhouse.

This is probably old news but the crouching roundhouse’s first hit is a ground to air hit, so if you time it right you can hit the opponent out of the air before they land on the ground, i havent seen anyone parry it yet since it’s so low to the ground in the first place.

what other unusual anti air’s does Remy have?

Remy has the best anti air game of the whole character roster in my opinion.

he has the standing far strong, close strong, standing LP (for dudley), the standing far roundhouse and close roundhouse, the crouching strong, and crouching roundhouse, the cold blue kicks, the high LOV’s and EX low LOV’s, and the RRF.

what r some strats to lure the opponent into jumping in on u that some of the other Remy players use?

tap on MP and then occasionally throw an SB

they’ll come to you fo sho!

Get them in the corner and from about a third of the screen away, throw a couple lights of virtue, starting with a low. After the second or third they’ll try to jump, and since you’re throwing a projectile they’ll thyink they can hit you, but if they didn’t jump at the right moment, you’ll recover and can parry the hit they always throw at you and do an anti-air routine.

The low forward kick works to lure them also since it’s slow but not as slow as the sweep.

ohh… BTW jumping HP (great elbow) knocks out EX hurricane kicks for those trying to escape the corner :evil:

Oh, yeah, the jumping HP is one of the few sweet things about remy. It doesn’t reset opponents right away like 99% of jumping attacks in that game, so you can land and do an HK, a rage flash, a super, or whatever your heart desires.

the safest anti air imo begins with the high lov. after the high lov dash under the opponent while buffering the flash kick then let it loose. another good one would be high lov then standing rh/standing mp (good against hugo!!!). the safest of all is high lov then bust out super no. 2.

i didn’t know the crouching rh is anti air but i think that’s scary to use. he’s crouching so he’ll take more damage than usual.

its really hard to time.

good if the opponent jumped over a boom and u r far away so step in and trip them out of the air.

pull it out on ppl who like to jump in with a parry, u gotta have distance also… it has that risk but it’s still something very unexpected and hard to look out for if u know the timing of it.

If remy’s super jump HK is parried in the air…
and if the other guy does a normal jump…
then Remy won’t get any damage if the opponent tries to reply the attack

I find his jumping roundhouse is a bit difficult to parry going in deep.

David, the light then dashing flash kick doesn’t work as often as one would hope. In order for it to reach opponents who are closer when they parry the LoV, you might have to do the heavy because the light flash will miss. If the heavy misses also, that puts you in a bad position, and it would be preferable to do a crouching fierce without dashing instead. Also, depending on how close they are to the ground when they parry, they might land first and do some mean combo after the flash kick.

On the hugo user, his big double kick always goes over it (LoV)and hits me, so I guess you have to be aware of the opponent’s air attacks, too.

One tricky anti-air is to charge down, neutral the joystick and do a cancellable strike like a close fierce or medium kick, then quickly hit up and do the light flash kick. If the fierce connects, they’ll probably be pushed too far away to retaliate after the flash kick. I haven’t tried this out on human opponents, so it may suck, but oh well.

i’m an idiot. i forgot to say after the opponent parries the lov, wiffing the lov, etc.

lov then dashing flash works for both wiffed or parried. (this is better than lov then flash kuz if they parry the flash you get hurt. rarely will people anticipate parrying the other way). lov then standing mp or hk is for parried ONLY. my favorite against hugo players. lov then super number 2 works on all occasions (either parried, hit, or wiffed).

all of them do work. i’ve personally tested these out on test dummies.

i just found out today that THE BEST anti air move for remy is the jab. tap it continuously and your opponent has to parry all of that crap in the air and he won’t even land without getting hit. to end it do a standing strong. this works well if you know your opponent will parry. if you know he’s going for an attack then do the lov versions as mentioned above.

most disgusting anti-air show I’ve ever seen with remy.

high lov, opponent parries, far s.strong, parried, high lov, parried, ex flash kick.

that’s all against one jump in. I was disgusted by the charging on it. damn the japanese, damn them and their weird charging tricks!

did the flash kick get parried?

far strong into boom i saw a combo on a standing hugo using it, it’s a link isnt it? cus u cant cancel it right?

another sweet thing i’m trying my hardest to learn is the sonic boom trap anti air lures…

like a high lp boom, they jump over it… u have the ex low already coming out so the high boom from the ex low set clips the opponent in the ankle and as soon as it hit i heard from remy stryker u can get a taunt in safely…

That works for all characters. What kind of test dummies you been using? dreamcast CPU in training? Just kidding. I just can’t imagine remy’s dash staying close enough to actually hurt them all thetime.

Remy’s handchop is the best…Remy_Stryker is most likely to disagree saying it’s Remy’s standing Knife hand. However, I’m pretty certain that the handchop (close s. Strong) has less recovery. The reason you might want to use this instead is that People will expect any move that’s stronger than a jab/short to have more recovery and will most likely attack.

To give an idea of how good the hand chop is, Ken air parried it up close and I dashed under him before he could get his air roundhouse in. The knife hand is still better for psyche outs at a distance–he does look more vulnerable.


this works if you are hitting the guy in the air… or on the ground!@!

handchop has potential to be a nasty anti air because of the fact u can cancel off it so easily also.

can remy dash cancel his st. close strong?

but the handchop has no priority vs a jumping HK or HP

Are you shitting me? Remy’s handchop is so fast that it beats cross overs and alexs head stomp do it’s one frame animation that is specifically for anti-air: RemyActually lifts his arm up and sends it down faster than the eye can visualize.

No you can’t cancel his normals it’s just that his hanchop recovers really quick.

just yesterday I cheesed a challenger to death: Alex dashes back, Remy throws j. LoV, Dash 3x, Enemy jumps up, Remy does EX RRF before the LoV even connected. Remy owns tick situations.

yah but dude it can’t beat yun’s and yangs come-down kick thingy

Huh? What? Dive Kick? Thats what air fierce–juggle is for.