Remy Anti Air Game

They jump-in, I do a standing jab, they get hit, fall back and I do a crouching roundhouse as they touch the floor or about to fall down. It connects. Supposedly they can block the crouching roundhouse but I have rarely had the roundhouse whiff and I have -never- had them block it. The CPU and humans either get hit by the roundhouse or the roundhouse whiffs (rarity). I call it a psuedo combo…

well if it keeps hitting maybe u cant block it, how do u know u can block it tho were u able to block it if someone did it to u?

the crouching roundhouse first hit is an ground to air hit like Q’s crouching roundhouse.

For normal air-landings, as long as you start the sweep or any strictly low attack early, they cannot block, they have to parry. I was under the impression that they were able to block a low hit without having to parry if you reset them with a normal move first, but I could be wrong. Generally, what I see when I reset them with a normal move and try to sweep or something is them landing in time to block, with the hit frames cut short until they touch the ground. Try a test with someone and tell them what you plan on doing so you can make sure once and for all.

trip guard anyone?

well your kinda right but off a bit, for shoto’s there crouching roundhouses r strictly ground hits u cant end a juggle with a crouching roundhouse from them to my knowledge, the move itself has to be in the air, like chun li’s crouching roundhouse or hugo’s cr. RH.

It’s funny how many people still don’t understand trip guard correctly. Not to sound like an ass, but it’s just I’ve seen it explained wrong so many times and then corrected.

If you jump and don’t do any air actions, when you land you can block any low attack. In fact, you can do anything immediately after hitting the ground. THere is no recovery at all if you don’t do any actions when you jump.

ALso, they can block/parry/tech/super as soon as they land if you parry their jump-in attacks. Parries reset everything. That’s why sometimes you see two people in the air and one parries one attack, and then the other parries the retaliatory attack.