Remy: Anti-Shoto-Rush Down



NOTE: the following info has been tested on training mode on the DC console. Thus, the following strats should work for the arcade as well as the console.

The most basic and common example of shoto rushdown starts off with the following:

c. short, c. jab, c. short

and then theres a various number of things that can come up afterwards:

c. forward (SA)

dash, throw

these two options that they have are essential and are amazngly simple for killing anyone.

For example: you try to go for a tech throw after blocking c. short, c. jab, c. short. However, shotos can mix it up and leave you standing like an idiot while they go for a c. forward–SA.

Then you might decide to look for that switch again and try to low parry that c. forward…however they could still do the SA anyway to smack you or they could decide to dash in order to grab you. This isn’t the hardest scenario as far as reflex is concerned…that is, looking for a c. forward to parry that isn’t there and then doing a tech throw as soon as they dash in.

Now of course this gameplan it’s not the hardest to react to but shotos can abuse this as much as they want. This simple marathon will eventually make you tired or screw up. The best way to solve this problem is to do attacks that are safe and account for either of the two options that shotos have after making Remy block c. short, c. jab, c. short:

s. forward : difficulty *** ; risk *

What makes this difficult is setting the timing for the execution just right so that you don’t eat a c. forward (just in case they do). Timing it right means that you won’t get hit out of it and you’ll smack the shoto in the face (more stun damage) or in the middle of their c. forward or in the mid-section while they dash.

The real risk here is that if the shoto decides to mix up the offense to maneuvering by anticipating Remy’s s. forward after doing c. short, c. jab, c. short, and parrying it. Remy could then eat a c. forward–SA. However, this strictly depends on how close they were to Remy when they did c. short, blah, blah (lets call this c. 3-hit poker from now on) in the first place. If they weren’t close enough, the shoto’s c. forward will completely miss (not enough range) while Remy can smack them with another s. forward for free!

s. CBK : difficulty ** ; risk **

Getting that backwards fireball motion in fast after blocking shoto c. 3-hit poker is essential to getting this damn thing to work. Remy will kill the dash/ c. forward/c. roundhouse. Afterwards you’re in range to kara throw them or kill their retaliation with an RRF, sweet.

The risk here is that Remy is completely open if they decide to parry Remy’s countering s. CBK. It is possible to mix it with a cross up r. CBK and hitting them in the back with a RRF. Lesson here is to mix it up…duh.

r. RRF : difficulty none ; risk ****

This is as easy pie to do. Just a frame after blocking the last hit of the classic shotofucker 3-hit mother****** do up+ roundhouse. You’ll easily kill the dash or the c. forward, or the c. roundhouse. ** BONUS** : you’ll do extra damage than usual if they were crouching. In addition they’ll be out of your face and you can begin rushing down with Remy’s rapid fire marathon. Nuff said.

The risk here is obvious. All they have to do is block it, no parry required (this is a no-brainer) and you’re screwed. However, if you use the short version, which covers too fast for them to throw you after dashing in after blocking it, you might just survive an incoming c. forward depending on the opponent’s speed.

UOH : difficulty none ; risk none

You’ll either hit them out of the dash with this puny thing or just go over the c. forward (too bad you won’t get much/any frame advantage afterwards).

c. short : difficulty uuuuhhhhh…; risk virtually none

The timing is pretty fucking strict in order to kill the incoming c. forward. If it hits you won’t be able to do anything other than SAII. I don’t think Remy’s r. RRF is in range afterwards (I haven’t tested this enough). If they do the dash, they are obviously in range for a SAI/SAII/RRF.

Risk wise, if they just sit there, they won’t be able to to react in time to sweep/ c. forward Remy during recovery due to it’s quick speed. The only thing they can do is anticipate and time it well without looking for it. However, with these many options under Remy’s belt whos going to think in time? I leave it to some wise ass shoto players (not to mention Japan) to reverse these careful counters without risking much.

Low Red Parry difficulty: uhhhh ; risk: varies

Try to low parry the c. jab or the c. short. low parrying the jab means that you’re in range for a s. forward, s. CBK combo or just a s. forward, SAII/SAI. red parrying the c. short means that you can only do c. strong, SAII or c. strong, RRF (if you charged partitioned).

The risk here is messing up the timing and eating the weak attacks or maybe the weak attacks–SA (but how many people have that kind of reaction time after a messed up red parried weak attack???) The enemy is also taking a big risk as well. In the case of shinkuu, getting smacked out of shinkuu or Kens and seans SAIII being blocked.

If you wanted to be superbly “safe” (cause the red parry is hard enough) you would use either of Remy fastest attacks to hit them out of the remaining frames of their weak attack before getting canceled into a super:

close s. short or grab.

However, they must be used after red parrying the c. jab ONLY. Otherwise, red parrying the c. short would leave Remy too far to even to throw (I think the kara slow it down a frame) and to far to do a close s. short (the farther one takes an extra frame I believe)


There are other versions of rush down that concern the use of cross ups, overheads, low attack set ups, anti-wake up links, and other pokes–dash ins which go under the shoto gameplan. Thus, the above info is just a sample. I’ll cover the rest later…if I feel like it…


finally new info to read and get better on

anyways what would happen if u kara canceled remy’s UOH after u successfully block the 3 hit poking string? i think it would hit


I think the problem here is that after short jab short, the options aren’t that limited.

For Ken, I know you can short jab short, dash in throw, or dash in s.strong tech throws, c.forward to hit people who wanna move back, c.strong against people who wanna beat the c.forward, or s.roundhouse at max range which beats out anything short of a RRF.

Ryu’s similar but he gets s.forward instead of s.roundhouse.

There’s more to it though.

If you’ve got stuff dealing with these sets of moves, I’ll be eternally grateful.


Okay, I’ve covered the dash + X else that follows by posting 5 different ways to kill the dash as well as killing the c. forward. My previous post demonstrates methods that are at least 2 counters in 1. Since I’ve tested and posted that info, I will NOT go over that again.

I’ll test the stuff on s. roundhouse and c. strong and post later.

but for right now…

Honestly, I think using s. roundhouse for Ken is pretty lame. sure, it’s got the range and meaty damage but it has no speed in comparison to Remy’s lazy-ass s. forward. I would think Ken’s s. forward would be a million times smarter: you kill jumps, dashes, CBKs, and for frames it’s hella faster, and it autmotically initiates a guessing game for the opponent to wonder “what the hell Ken is going to do now?” (classic dp/throw? option…cheap).

As for c. strong, I don’t know. In every game, any c. strong that has that kind of angle and speed (not to mention Remy’s c. strong) beats all sort of weird attacks. For the sake of mentioning the dreaded CvS2, Ioris c. strong will dish out attacks like Cammy’s Cannon drill (huh?) or Sagat tiger knee.
Anyway, Kens c. strong lacks range and seems to have 1 too many frames or something to out-prior. what I previously posted easily or without strict timing.

I’ll figure it out later…


teh…it’s been a while since I’ve even looked at this forum…I even forgot about what I was uppose to post. Anyway, heres the info:

C. strong doesn’t do jack for Ken, not if it’s done immediately. At times it might trade with Remy’s s. forward. In that scenario it’s a completely equal trade in terms of damage. Overall, I don’t find c.strong to be something that would be considered at that distance.

S. roundhouse. Like I said before, Remy’s lazy s. forward can and does beat it before it finishes it’s animation. in addition c. strong and short are also good for out-prioritizing it and and canceling into a super or RRF.