Remy can......!?

I was trying to do ex Rising Rage Flash but i press strong punsh then three kick, it works. He did a downward chop cancel it to EX Rising Rage Flash. :slight_smile:

it’s called charge partitioning. also works with standing fierce and close s.forward/rh

If I’m reading this right, that isn’t partitioning. It’s just comboing into the flash kick. I suppose the surprise is that you can combo a standing move into one, that is, you can charge down, then do a neutral attack, then hit up + kick. I guess you could partition it, gaining the last split second of charge during the animation. But I don’t think that’s what he’s talking about.

By the way, this works pretty well as anti-air.

partitioning = breaking a move apart. By “breaking” the charge into two (by going to neutral, you’re in effect breaking up the down-to-up motion), the move has become partitioned. The fact that the move was interrupted by the neutral attack also adds to the idea of “partitioning” the move, since it took three steps instead of one (d for 2s, s.normal, up+kick as opposed to d for 2s, up+kick).

Hence “charge partitioning” = breaking a charge, not a move.


Hahah I just had to try this smiley.

how do you break a move.


that’s not what ‘charge partitioning’ is. you’ve obviously heard of this term from somewhere, but it seems as if you haven’t fully understood what it really is.

doing s.hp flashkick with guile in ST is NOT charge partitioning.

charge partitioning is when you BREAK A CHARGE into little pieces… allowing you to do a move with a certain execution time in which during you charge for the move.

for example.

you can whiff s. strong with remy couple times, then do flash kick. ^^, (charge), go to neutral, (charge), repeat, then up+k = flashkick.


you can also do this while DASHING, UOH, and all kinds of wacky shit. gogogo

Sorry, but you’re crazy.

To be counted as charge partitioning, you need to charge once, “break”, then charge again x n.

Here you’re simply adding a standing MP into a flash kick. You don’t charge again after the standing MP so that doesn’t count as “breaking” the charge into two. It’s called “cancelling”.

Guile has been able to do that since the first Street Fighter 2. It’s just a wierd 2 in 1. Charge down or down back whatever is more comfortable for you. Then begin your blade kick motion. When the stick reaches the neutral position tap strong or fierce then continue to finish the blade kick. Guile should stand hit with the fierce and do the blade kick. My friends and I have come to know this as the standing blade kick. Pretty much all the charge characters have something like this. Remy is no exception. That charge partitioning thing is a much more advanced tactic which as far as I know only works in 3rd strike.

he did charge buffering not partitioning :tup: