Remy Colored


mm-hmm, I most certinaly did.


Not bad I really like the color job, but seeing Remy swoll like that I don’t know about. Try drawing that buff ass dude in an cool as action pose like a flash kick or something. Nice job on the muscle exzageration(spelling), but like I said seeing Remy that buff just doesn’t really seem right. I do really want to see he in an action pose though.


Not that poontang Remy agian!!!

He looks like damn Boy Georges lil’ bitch, but you cant help that Deon, so all I can say is nice coloring.


Yeah this is mucj better than your last 2 attempts. Good job on not using those skinny bright lights everywhere. Definitely has transition this time around.

What i would say is watch your saturation in color as some of yours may be too bright. Things like maybe substitute the dark red shadows for a grayish magenta and warm up the light side of the jacket with a warmer grey.

Overall much better looking. Study how wrinkles run and this will be better. Post a tut soon as someone else asked for wrinkle tuts also.


I think its alot better too. Im surprised nobody said anything about his right boot. I thought it might have come up to high in the front. I have to color Alex next, I’ll keep those pointers in mind SFMC.