Remy is Charlie's (and Rose's) son!


as almost noone responded to this post in the “Fan FIction Section” i am putting this thought (as I also had it for some time) to this well visited section to get your opinion, guys.

And as UDON is always visiting this section, it is possible that we’ll see it incorporated in a future comic issue…

So perhaps Charlie was once in Europe and met Rose, made love to her, she bore a son and Charlie was killed by Bison.

Or had sex with an other whoman, had a son with her in Europe (Italy, France or elsewhere), trained him for a time in the art of Sonic-Powers and was killed. Remy had his own training in Savate after that added to his knowledge so far and this resulted in the person we all know and love today. :lovin:

it could be plausible, since all their moves are the same. however, Since charlie is a man of honor and responsibility, i dont think he would leave two of his children uncared for. Remy has a sister and little is known about her but, im pretty sure that charlie is not a man who would a abandone two kids. Guile is a different story, he abandon his wife and daughter for his best friend. JERK!!!

Firstly Charlie is dead and secondly please tell me this was a joke?

I’ve often wondered if Charlie was Remy’s dad.

It makes no sense to go through all the trouble of saying Remy’s dad was a street fighter and have him use the same moves as Charlie/Guile (who are both street fighters of course) without having one of them be his father.

It just makes no sense. Especially for Capcom, who isn’t exactly shy with inter-character relationships in their games. Everyone is related to everyone else somehow, but Remy, despite his back story and the obvious copy of Charlie/Guile’s moves, has none?

I don’t buy it.

Remy’s moves are based on light manipulation, they have nothing to do with Guile and Nash’s(Charlie) style. They are only similar so Guile users can play SF3 Third Strike.

Remy’s father abandoned his family so he could street fight. Nash died in his pursuit of Vega(M.Bison in the US). He didn’t abandon anybody, he died. Remy wouldn’t hold a grudge if his father died a hero, he holds it because his father abandoned his family to street fight. Two different things.

Seriously doubt Nash ever got married in the first place. Chun-Li pretended to be his girlfriend to a bunch of his fellow soldiers at a weapons warehouse so she could meet him after all. There’s never been any indication that Nash was married and had children.

And the obvious, Nash is American, Remy is French.

Ahahahaha. You SF fanfictionist thinks up some of the silliest stuff.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

There is no law that states that you have to get married to knock someone up.

Also, in the military, I’m sure Charlie saw some time overseas. Even in France.

As far as powers being derived from light manipulation, I don’t know.

What if Remy hated Charlie because he didn’t know that he died fighting Bison, only that he was a street fighter and had to go fight (which is true, he went to fight Bison).

Knock some one up once, sure. Knock some one up twice since Remy has a sister and his father is supposed to be the father of both, that’s kind of tricky. I don’t think Remy and his sister are twins either.

Yeah, Nash might of spent time in France. Last time I checked, French and Americans hate each other. And American Military, there’s even more hate involved there. :rofl:

Why wouldn’t Remy know that his father Nash died? The Military always tells families that their parents died in the service. Even if he is a bastard child, I would think before he jumped to any conclusions about his father he would try to find out the truth which wouldn’t be that hard to obtain that the guy’s dead.

It’s just too much reaching and fan fic theories involved to pull this one off, the main one being the fighting styles being different. I’d rather see Udon show Remy’s father to be someone else entirely and show what he looks like since Capcom never has. Like they showed Vega’s(Cape) master, that was pretty cool IMHO.

I heard a while ago that Remy was Blair and Guile’s son just one of those fan fic things.

I’ll say no again for slightly different reasons, there’s no possibility between Charlie and Rose. Rose is Italian not French, Remy also has a sister. Are you therefore implying Charlie’s the father of her as well? I don’t think so.

Also, character moves don’t always determine relation, or in that case Dee Jay is Guile’s hip cousin.

Necro is Blanka and Dhalsim’s love child. Gill is Fabio and Two-face’s. You heard it here first!

I own the official eternal challenge book that has art and stuff about street fighter.

An extra bonus is that it has a relationship tree diagram. In that diagram remy has no relation to any street ifghter character.

How does having similiar looking moves to another fighter make them related?

i was just about to bring that up since guile and charlie have about the same moves so are they brothers? plus theres a difference between street fighting and serving your country/ taking orders. nash was ordered to stop bison but died in the process not to be confused with leaving his family to go street fight. just cuz the series is called street fighter doesnt mean everyone is street fighting.

your all wrong, i thought it was obvious that Remys dad was balrog since theyre both charge characters duh…

HOLY SHITO ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ above post opens up many options, balrog does live in the same continet so there is a chance that while in balrog’s 20’s he found some bitch , fucked her, pretended to love her, then left for streetfighting, balrog does have a passion for streetfighting so you never know.

Of Course! Now it all makes sense! Sakura is in fact Ken and Ryu’s love child. -.-

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No, they’re not brothers. But Charlie did teach Guile how to fight. It wasn’t a coincidence.

And just because Charlie had orders doesn’t mean that everyone knew about it. Especially if he never married this woman, and especially if France and America don’t like each other. Why would his missions be public for everyone to know?

So what to us is Charlie running off to fight Bison could be to another person Charlie running off to street fight (if they didn’t know he had orders to kill Bison).

Sakura has moves similar to Ryu and Ken not because she’s their love child, but because Ryu taught her. Same with Sean.

I think some of you are too quickly jumping onto the “That’s a stupid idea” bandwagon and putting your feet right into your mouths.

The only good evidence I’ve heard that Charlie isn’t Remy’s dad is the light manipulation vs. ki piece and the fact that Remy doesn’t have a link to anyone in the Eternal Challenge book (which I do have myself and should probably have cracked open).

The rest of you are being retarded.

Ryu taught her? I challenge you to prove that please.