Remy match videos

Just wondering, who’s this player?

Someone that actually knows how to use all of Remy’s punches and kicks and doesn’t just run and LOV or repeat same moves over and over ;D glad to see others like that exist. Don’t know who that is though.

The Remy player is Shamoji, according to the title. Not that I’m up with good Remy players, or anything like that.

nice vids

I play a fuggin rushdown Remy. I throw like 2 LOV’s the whole match. c.LK tick throws till you die foo. :devil:

Offensive Remy is cool. He has some good poke strings to it seems. Yet, I never thought I’d see that glicth in a real match vid instead of a combo vid. While he killed Dudley, took that guy at least 30 seconds to finally hit him.

Wow, this guy makes Remy look top tier, lol.
Was that Kokujin he was beasting on in the first video?

upon further reviews, this guy sucks

poor use of EX. pounds on the weak buttons too much = poor damage

I’m suprised to see the glitch used in a real match. Hehe, why he didn’t use the time to built up his meter or something.

yeah and what a fucking retard. when the guy was dizzy,


the good ole jumping HP + cr MP + EX RRF could so some damage…

dum fuck

yea, no one = as cool as Lotus or his l337 skillz

coming from the guy that says remy has no combos

He didn’t do a big combo, because he didn’t want to exploit it.
You can watch him stand there confused for a bit, wondering if he should hit him or not.

Damn I missed out cause vids don’t work no more.=/

Could someone P.M. them to me Plz?