Remy Questions

I have some questions regarding Remy and was wondering if you guys can help. If it’s been asked before I’m sorry but I looked a bit through the 50 page thread but didn’t see these. lol

  1. I’m wondering about neutral corner throw followed by RRF. In order to hit some characters (Like Yun) do I need to kara the RRF first to get the distance? If so What would the motion look like? Is MP the best? Example: Charge down, up +MP followed by MK really quick?

Is Kara needed for this or is it possible to hit a RRF against Yun after a corner throw with precise timing. (Not using a kara)

  1. What are some options for Super Art One? I like after a corner throw I can chain it for some good damage. Sometimes I “miss” the second volley of lovs in the juggle and can then connect with CBK instead. Is it possible to do more like Throw, SA1 (second volly misses) CBK the a RRF? Can you combo a CBK if all the volleys of the super hit (didn’t seem to work.) Is there some sort of juggle limit built in maybe? I also tired doing 2 SA1 juggles in a row but it seems to just whiff through them. Is it not possible or is my timing just off?

  2. Does jumping F.P and jumping RH have different parry timing? I find my opponents have a harder time to parry if I alternate between them. Is it the attacks or am I just hitting the buttons at different times that sometimes makes them “fail” their parry.

  3. What’s a good way to learn the LOV spam? I can do it sometimes "charge buffering during the last LOV’s animation) but is their more to it than that like the strength of the LOVs used or the order of low and high? Also when my opponent gets hit by the LOV during the spam I find that messes up my timing compared to if they blocked or parried. Is that true or am I just screwing up?

Thanks for any help on this. :slight_smile:


I noticed no one is answering your query so this Remy amateur may be able to help a little.

  1. I believe MP adds the biggest distance to RRF. I use MP HK RRF giving it the greatest distance and it is performed quickly too.

Well perhaps a HK RRF with good timing would hit him? I will have to try that out myself sometime

  1. Not sure they both seem to be approximately the same length-I don?t think those couple of frames would make a difference then? Perhaps they cant parry because you mixed up the game somewhat?

  2. I read they?re a re 2 ways to do the LOV machinegun. One is standing and back and the I think the other is referred to as the Japanese version where you hold down back. I think there is some info on the SRK Wiki Remy section about this. I do a QCF motion to throw out the projectile which seemed to instantly help me executing it successfully as I must have not did the full button presses from holding left to right.

Hope this helps even a little?.

  1. to kara rrf you have to use mp. you must kara to hit yun, tang, dudley, oro, etc.

  2. the best options with SA1 really is > SA1. you can dash in and do it about anytime since it’s safe so you don’t have much to loose. go for random. You can also connect it from a max range or meaty UOH.

it’s mostly not worth it to do after neutral throw. do it only if you know your opponent will die from it. I think if you miss the second volley all you can do is rrf, but that’s the same damage as hitting with all the lovs so it doesn’t matter how you do it.

  1. you can use any one and vary the timing to vary the parry-timing. is mostly the best choice for neutral jumps because of the long steep range.

  2. it’s easiest to start with a low lov since that animation takes a little longer than a high. it’s important that you execute it like this:


basicly start charging back again before you press punch/kick. you should be able to use any combination of strengths and it shouldn’t matter if the opponent gets hit or not, it just some strange placebo you got there.

you can change all the :l: to :db: if you want to keep chagre for an rrf in to stuff a jump in attempt.

I have been playing Remy for 2 weeks now but he dosen’t to want to do my inputs! lol!
In 3strike I have been a Urien player fo quite a while, and when I choose to play with remy I seem to can’t do the following:
1- when I can do a sucssesfull multiple LOV, when the opponent jumpes my LOV’s simply stop, while if the opponent stays put I can do cheap damage until he dies! why is that???
2- doing partitioning buffering seems just so hard when I miss with remy, but when I can seems so simple, but I can’t understand it when with urien charge-partitionig seems so easy! is my timing just off???

I think what you’re noticing is that, when your opp jumps an lov during rapid fire, instead of it disappearing like it would if it hit them or was blocked, it’s now still on the screen, at which point you’re trying to throw another one just like it (meaning 2 high and 1 low, or vice versa, on the screen at one time), which isn’t allowed by the game.

Yes it is 3 fireballs in the screen that is ruining my buffer, never thought possible to have 3 in the screen at the same time! Uau! thanks I will now try to correct my gameplay accordinglly! :-)))

I start to think that when there is a hit or block in the game there is a slight stand-still in the game that allows buffer characters to charge the small amout of time required to perform another charge move in susetion! true???

I’ve been trying! High LOV machinegun at a full screen distance, my buffer still goes wrong when the opponent jumps! I’ve tested this at a replay of me doing the machinegun! with high LOV’s I don’t have 3 fireballs in screen! Sorry for the question again :sweat:

sa1 i usually super cancel a foward lov and hope they block standing otherwise i don’t really use the super that much >.<