Remy Videos yahoo group

I wanted to post a remy video online, and wanted to try the best way to avoid bandwith overuse and easier way for everyone to get access to it. I made a yahoo group and posted a video on there (hopefully more to come). To view it you have to join the group, then you can download, or upload your own… The vid I made was using a logitech cam, so the quality is not the best, but I don’t have a tv turner card or anything on my laptop, so that’s the best way to go for me…

Anyways the video is of a 11 hit combo (using RRF) that I like…

The link to the group is:

interesting combo. try it without the SAII, it may damage more

Without the SAII it does 43-46 damage, with SAII it takes 61-65 depending on the hits.

BTW I just posted another video on there, I made it to try to help Yuk_Fai with his timing…maybe it will help someone else too, sorry theres no fancy music, I tried to keep the file as small as possible!

I posted two new videos that show two different methods of HP and HK fake outs, it helps to get in free hits and throws.

OH yea, and sorry for the black lines in the vids…thats from my tv.

Thanks dude, but I can’t seem to d/l it from Yahoo. Kinda strange, but I’ll try again later.

Did you right click and go to save as? if you dont it will open up in windows media player…try that and see if it works

Been there, tried that. No luck. I didn’t have trouble opening and d/ling the 11 hit video though, so I dunno what the problem is.

Edit: Error reads:
Internet Explorer cannot Download Connecting Movies.wmv from

Internet Explorer was not able to open this Internet site. The requested site is either unavailable or cannot be found. Please try again later.

damn wtf, i just tried it and it worked, so i’m not sure whats going on :(, I know yahoo groups is weird sometimes though :confused: Try again later I guess /:

sorry iwst99.
my intent was really to tell you to do the combo without the EX sonic boom.

if you have an special move before a super art, your super art will hit with less damage

Oops, sorry man, I knew what you meant, you meant just not to do the EX then do the special, that is what I did, I should edit that post.

But this is what happened, doing that combo WITHOUT EX LOV will take 43-46 hits, doing it WITH EX LOV takes 61-65. EX LOV is powerful stuff…

hey AWESOME shit. mad props for the video group

have you tried cbk cbk rrf?

I tried checking it out but it exceeded it’s download limit or something like that (T-T) could someone post transcripts?

Yeah! I have the same problem… What’s the problem?

I see what you guys are saying, wtf that f-ing sucks :confused: I’ll see what I can do.

Ok I made all of you moderators…i dont know wtf is wrong with yahoo groups, but it should work now that you are moderators (with no privileges). Can someone test it out and see if it’s working now?

cant see any of the vids cause they say them files dont exist.

Ok, you beraly joined so I had to make you a moderator, it should work now…can someone else try it too and see if it works? :confused:

Ok i see em’ pretty good stuff.

what joystick do you use? man it sounds like it’s a friggin rock