Remy vs. Akuma

Hi, all. I’m an Akuma player and I looking for advice regarding how to beat Remy. For the most part, I feel like the match was a stalemate if we play the zoning game (sonic booms and air fireballs all day). I’m not really afraid of Remy, however, I have no idea what I can exploit to put the match in my favor. Some things I noticed.

Remy has some decent block strings. I don’t think I want to mess with those.

Remy’s main way of getting in is CBK, which I try to parry, but fail. Is there anything I can do on block?

Double sweep is really long and seems like I should be able to punish with something. What can I punish with? (I tried reversal super, but it didn’t seem to work. Did I mess up?).

Thanks in advance for any help I can get. Feel free to let me know if this has been covered before. I tried a search, but I didn’t get a whole lot out of it.

after a blocked cbk, throw remy

Uh, depending of course on the strength of cbk that’s used, and how it connects/distance (blocked right before Remy lands = no throw, blocked super early/high, well before he lands = remy huge disadvantage)

I personally think the match is relatively even, slight advantage to the damage dishing Akuma. I’d say you’d be best to rush Remy down with those divekicks and all that fun air fireball/divekick mixup stuff that any good Akuma should do. Against a good Remy player, an Akuma player is just gonna have to straight up outplay him, cuz the matchup is that close. Turtling isn’t really your best bet.

And if your opp is using double sweep, you should be raping him hard. On block I’m sure there’s plenty akuma can punish with (depending on the range), and if you just simply parry the second sweep, you have about a week to figure out how to stick your foot in Remy’s ass.

Unless the Remy player is very skilled, the matches will be yours eventually. Remy has a very limited number of tricks which Akuma has good counters for. Problem is getting used to those tricks.

Though if your opponent actually uses hard sweep, he’s a noob. Like Silks just said, that move gets Remy killed most of the time.

I swear I’ve only played like 2 Good Akumas. JR Rodriguez especially, but he’s gdlk. Other than that, =. Either Akuma sucks, or there are not that many good Akuma players out there.

My ears are burning :lovin:

JR Rodriguez.

Regency Jose…

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Yeah, I’m usually not too scared when I’m around Akuma players. I tend to agree that this is a close match and that Akuma has more options.

I think people only pick Akuma because either they want to have “fun” or because they don’t know any better. I mean, really, ya oughta be using Ken instead of Akuma. Akuma has more options and is “funner” then Ken but he just has such poor stamina.

blocked hurricane kick from akuma: do cr short to duck the last hit as it crosses you up (from crouch blocking) into RRF. the crouch short goes extra low so it lets u slip under the last hit while akuma is landing from the hurricane kick in recovery. free 2 hit or super.

I found that I lose if I stay far away and win if I stay in his face with a good mix up. Don’t demon flip a lot. that shit hurts when you get cr fp’ed into whatever else he hits you with. Good remy players are hard to stay close to and even harder for me since they are rare to come across but I have troubles with him more than ken or chun. I guess being familiar helps

i miss playing you man, you should get on nfba or 2dfreeplay ggpo is buggy but when it works its probably the best one.

No doubt. all I need is a stick and I’m on. Your Remy is the one I was talking about that gave me fits…

Lol. Thanks for the advice, but I hope hoping for tips for Akuma play. I notice that that’s exactly how Remy player would punish my random hurricanes. In any case, I’ve gotten a lot better at parrying that that has seemed to help a lot. Maybe not all Remy’s are the same, but parrying one of Remy’s random pokes opens worlds of opportunities.

That’s the quickest way I get killed. If the other guy is comfortable with parrying and I get predictable, I’ll quickly start eating combos. Go for the parry. It’ll teach any Remy players you find to be less predictable.

just gotta do pokes so they run into them instead of you reaching to hit them. kinda like shooting where there going in a fps instead of shooting where they are.

That’s so obvious, but I never really thought of it that way. I already partially play like that but I’ll definitely be emphasizing that more now.

What I do is try to randomize the speed I put out my poke strings. That’s still risky.

Is that an issue at high level play? I don’t think I’ve ever managed to parry out of a block string.

High level players will always parry you if you become predictable.

If your opponent always throws a high LoV and then dashes forward and does a ducking MK, what do you think he’ll do the next time he throws a LoV and dashes forward?

In that situation, you only have three options. 1. Parry. 2. Block. 3. Try to counter but end up eating the ducking MK. The only two characters that can consistently trade or destroy my pokes are Makoto and Chun Li. For the most part, Remy’s pokes will beat anyone else’s “counter pokes” (unless they parry first).

What happens with rookie players is that they end up getting pushed into the corner, and they get all of their attacks stuffed and they get confused by an intense high/low guessing game.

Intermediate players will be smart enough to either parry, predict or run away from a poking string. They won’t end up in the corner. They know better then to try to out-poke Remy. If they can’t parry well, they’ll move out of the way so Remy can’t “pressure poke” and they’ll get a little random in order to bait Remy.

Advanced players will know exactly which poke you will go for and will try to parry anything you throw out if you get too aggressive. That’s why I can’t “pressure poke” advance players. I literally have to slow down my poking and get random with the pressure.

I get what you mean with advanced players. I always get so frustrated due to my game changing because I play an aggro Remy.

I always find that random works best on adv. players, but for some reason I always get comfortable once they’re in that corner and then I’ll start spamming the RH CBK.

As for Akuma, yeah- I think it’s a real coin-toss on this one, but giving a small advantage to Akuma due to him having more options than Remy. Whenever I play an Akuma my main objective is to go for knockdowns just for positioning purposes as well as not having to deal with random ass air fireballs, demon flips, and hurricane kicks. Positioning is everything on this one.

I love playing an aggressive Remy but I simply cannot do that with advanced players. If you removed parrying from 3S, Remy would jump up in the tiers because his pokes are really good.

My biggest weaknesses are predictable ducking MKs and soft pressure CBKs. Those get me in so much trouble if I become predictable with them.

If my opponent is good with parrying, I sometimes throw LK CBK’s that don’t make contact. They’re just for faking and baiting purposes. The other guy will usually freeze to try and parry it or run into it if he’s going for a dash-in. Either way, he won’t get the parry and won’t react quick enough to counter attack after I land.

My favorite thing is punishing parry spammers. If you randomize the timing between your attacks in your poking string, you’ll catch them. But it’s hard to do and it’s risky also. It’s really easy to just keep applying pressure but that gets you nailed.