Remy vs Yun

K some tips here for ppl getting raped by Yun

hmmm I’m posting this cause all yuns basically rush alike…

  1. when he jumps for that dive kick you jump back and HK
  2. when he jumps for that dive kick you use standing HP ( make sure it’s the arm part that hits his foot gotta time it though!!)
  4. after a parried LOV, use CBK usually works cause Yun always try to jump a lot (DO NOT OVERUSE)
  5. use cbk to gain ground…

blah anyone got more tips?
super arts tricks vs yun?

hmmm if yun picks SAIII,
use blue noctorne (BN)

hmm really great if he does the eagle kick when he is in the corner…

not all the hits will go on… but at least he’ll fall down and get some baddass hits

since yun has a time limit… he’ll try to take advantage of that… but YOU take advantage of him… :smiley:

I’d like to add that his jump and dive kick is extremely fast, so unless you have really, really good reactions, you’ll have to anticipate the jump. Those do work well, though.

u dont need super sonic reaction speed to jump up when yun jumps up… unless your doing something… then u will get hit.

u throw a high LOV they’ll EX shoulder under it. so at a mid-far distance do low EX LOV’s

if they do a dive kick and it hit u, u could block afterwards (its kinda not so easy to combo from the dive kick anyways) if they do the chain or just crouching fierce him because they might try to jump again and dive kick a second time.

yun doesnt really have good footsie game so u could always just run away and LOV. this strat works cus if he’s SA3 yun he wouldnt wanna waste bar EX’ing under the LOV’s so u pretty much have him jumping in on u to advance.

if he dashes u sweep him, if he shoulders u sweep him, u pretty much own him from the knee down. everything else u gotta look out for.

far strong will hit dive kicks that come out too steep that rnt aimed to hit u

yun doesnt have a good anti air, so jumping in on him could be a good idea… jump in fierce punch, check if it hits then continue with a cr. strong and RRF, if he parries the fierce, just RRF him he’ll try and throw or hit u