Renaming Cthulhu boards with unique hardware name?


I have 2 cthulhu boards, and when they pop up in Windows, they are both called the exact same thing. This causes some issues in some emulators, and it’s also difficult in some games to know which player I am setting up.

Is there a was to permanently rename them somehow so they are easier to identify? So when I plug them in, for example, one is called “cthulhu 1” and one is called “cthulhu 2”.



I have never messed with a cthulu but can you run one in say PC mode and one in day ps3 mode that is what I do with the PS360+ when I have issues similar to yours


PS3 “mode” and PC “mode” is the same thing on a Cthulhu board.


Just a thought. Never used one =/


Run one in VSHG mode.