Reno $1.00 August 16 tourney results

Ok I’m tired but here are the results of the small tourney we held tonight.

CvS2. Robin forfieted (sp?) his match to me giving him a secure for third, but the night drew on and on with some chaos going on and tons of misunderstanding. And I have to wake up in a few hours cause I have to go to work. Me and Chris decide to split the pot and Chris gave me the win cause we’re both tired and didn’t wanna drag a 7game final in CvS2 (it just takes too long) result…

1st. JP Salcedo
2nd. Chris Campbell
3rd. Robin Mizuno
4th. Hahn ???

MvC2. This was prolly the one that went smoother than SC, ultimately, Angel showed us again why he’s better than everyone here in Reno, result…

1st. Angel Marquez
2nd. Hahn ??
3rd. Paul Kugler
4th. JP Salcedo (weird but with some luck I made it to 4th yay :slight_smile: ).

GGXX. Well this probably had the most turnout in the tourney (i’m not sure though) , and also on this one, I forfieted (sp?) the game to Chris cause he beat my Dizzy down 3-0 in the winners finals and the night was really dragging. Quick note, JC Gross beat Paul Kugler and Nick Campbell landing a Destoryer by May 3x in this tourney :eek: , results…

1st Chris Campbell
2nd JP Salcedo
3rd JC Gross
4th Paul Kugler

SC2:Who cares…


someone will eventually post it. I know in hell I won’t.

It’s 2:34 and gotta work at 9:00. So peace out!!!


P.S. Hiro was a no show :(. Hiro was suppose to be here around 9:45, but didn’t make it :(.