Reno 3/13/04 CvS2 Team Tourney Results


Well XX was posponed due to certain circumstances, so here are the results of our small CvS2 team tourney.

1st: Nick “hah coe” and Chris “psychoballz” Campbell “The Campbell Bro’s”-A-Groove Ken/Bison
2nd: JP “JP_Ikari” Salcedo and Paul “kugler” Kugler “Team UNAGI!!!”-K-Groove Yamazaki/Morrigan
3rd: JC “Rounin” Gross and Nick “iidx Nick” Suttie-“Team Harem-no-jutsu” K-Groove Cammy/Blanka
4th: Nick “NYacono” Yacono and “Dark Hadou” Chambers (??)-“DYSYSH”(DO YOUR SUPER YOU SHIT HEAD) K-Groove Sagat/Vega
5th: Robin “ROB_UNR” Mizuno and Eric “That’s Eric with a C Muffin Man” Wesley-BFMF (Big Fat MoFo’s)- C-Groove Chun Li/Blanka
6th: Luke and PJ “Inline”-??? C-Groove Guile/Ryu

We might be doing more of the team a tourneys since everyone had fun today, better than having our singles :bluu:

P.S. I think I like team tourney’s better anyway ^_^.



god damn that fucking vega super. =/


:lol: :lol:

I love that! :lol: :lol:

Props to Paul and his teammate. :slight_smile:



Our team name was “Team Harem no Jitsu.”


That team name is PURE GOLD. :lol: