Reno 7/5 GGXX Tourney Results

Here are the results of last nights crazy ass tourney.

1st:Chris “psychoballz” Campbell-Potemkin
2nd:JP “Ikari” Salcedo-Baiken
3rd:Paul “A-Sakura” Kugler-Zappa!!!, Faust
4th:JC “Ronin” Gross-Testament
5th:Robin “ROB_UNR” Mizuno-Eddie!!!
5th:Nick “Nyacano” Yacano-Dizzy
7th:Andrei “Sho” Bustarde-Johnny
9th:Nick Campbell???
Man I don’t quite remember everyone since I don’t have the bracket with me. Anyway, the top 2 was still the same as last week,I didn’t pull it off :(. I took Chris to the losers, and then he beat Paul I think 3-0, then he came back to beat me in the finals 4-2, 4-3 with the last match was decided with a standing short, low dust :(. What was surprising was Paul’s Zappa owning up on Rob’s Eddie. Hmm:eek: . Anyway, over all was a great tourney, and hopefully we get the same turnout every week.


P.S. Next week, GGXX, CvS2, SC2, MvC2 this time for sure we’ll have one for the last 3 games :).

Had I faced Rob instead of Paul it could have been a whole different story, GG’s JP, next week should have a good turnout as well, I’m pretty sure my brother and Josh and Torrey we’ll play again in GGX2 and Josh and Torrey would definitly sign up for cvs2. GG’s to everyone in the tourney.