Reno 9/6/03 GGXX tourney...OMG PAUL WINS!


Hehe good game over all, but I couldn’t stay up late for the finals, so here’s the results of last nights tourney:

1st:Paul “A-Sakura” Kugler-Faust/Slayer
2nd:Chris “psychoballz” Campbell-Potemkin/I-no
3rd: JC “Ronin” Gross-Testament
4th:JP “Ikari” Salcedo :(-Baiken/Anji
5th:Robin “ROB_UNR” Mizuno-Eddie!!!
5th;Andrei “Sho” Bustarde-Johnny :smiley:
7th:Eric ??? (from UCD)-Sol
7th:Nick “NYacono” Yacono-Dizzy (dark??wtf)
9th:Andy ?? (also from UCD)-Ky
9th:Nick “hah coe” Campbell-May
and there was like 6 more people, this is how I think the rankings were, or maybe I’m wrong, not sure since 2 people left in the middle of the tourney so ?_?. Good job to Paul, a very deserving win, it’s about time that you won a tourney, now you can say you’re NUMBA…ONE!!!. One little side-not btw, we had a team match between UCD and Reno crew and the results was a nail-biter :D.

UCD vs Reno Crew-13-12 with UCD edging us out by 1 point. We need a rematch hehe, but hell this was prolly the first time this year that I finally remembered how to play this game. Thanks to the UCD peep’s comming down here to our small, crappy little town. Anyway’s back to work.