Reno August 2nd (before evo) tourney results

Well we really didn’t have much of a turnout last night and it was a $1.00 free for all since it’s a prep for Evo so here are the results


1st:Robin “ROB_UNR” Mizuno-C-groove Blanka, Chun Li, Sagat r2
1st:impulze-A-groove:Hibiki, Athena, Vega r2
3rd:Chris “psychoballz” Campbell-A-groove-Rolento, Ryu, Cammy r2

The sticks crapped up in the finals so Rob and Impulze split the tourney money and decided that it was a draw and same goes to the MvC2 finals…

1st:impulze- Mag, Doom, Sent, Psy, Storm
1st:Angel “El_Diablo” Marquez- Sent, Cable, Cyke, Mag, Storm
3rd:Robin “ROB_UNR” Mizuno-Sent, Storm, Cable


1st:Nick “nick_iidx” Suttie-Ivy
2nd:Nick “nyacono” Yacono-Voldo,Ivy
3rd:Robin “ROB_UNR” Mizuno-Ivy

GGXX:Pot wins again

1st:Chris “psychoballz” Campbell:Potemkin
2nd:JP “Ikari” Salcedo-Baiken, Sol, Chipp
3rd:Paul “A-Sakura” Kugler-Zappa!!!

Next stop is Evo, see ya’ll there :slight_smile:


Congrats to Robin…and my nagga Impulsze…nice work man…See u guys at EvL…


weak d00d =( you gotta go for the gold!o_O see you at evo ^^

Hey Paranoia Evil do you play DDR?