Reno Crew Thread, 2005

Damn people, I thought Jared or Paul would’ve thought of creating a new one. Anyway, our old one is getting old so I decided to make a new one. Our main arcade (right now) is Atlantis, you can info on that hotel and casino through here -> Atlantis and right now, the only place that has Tekken 5 in our town is John Ascuaga’s Nugget,you can find info on that hotel here -> John Ascuaga’s Nugget . We play #reload (fuck XX k people), Tekken (the majority are new to the game so bare with us, but we have good players too :tup: ), CvS2, and SC2 (if anyone cares).


You need to shamelessly promote this new thread in the old one.

Eh, Kabaji?


Lol, I forgot but eh, they’ll see up here eventually :-p


I for one welcome our new supreme overlords!

We playing Tekken 5 tonight? Maybe we should sacrifice a Tekken 4 machine to the gods so we’ll get Tekken 5 elsewhere?

WWWEEE Tekken 5 tonight suckas.


Sacrificing Tekken 4 will only make the gods angry. Why not sacrifice red Reloaded while you’re at it?

Wait until Saturday. I will be back at the machine… This time I’m not going to lose at all. Just rack up 100 wins against Rob. Be like… Julia? Who’s Julia? Was that her… the character I just beat? Awww, I didn’t get to see any of her moves! It was over so quick! Here… I’ll be nice next time…

‘You can’t hop n throw me!’ - Rob ^^!

STFU. Let’s play best out of 5 games in 5 games. ;3

GGXX #R, GGXX #R, GGXX #R, GGXX #R, Tekken 5.

I win!

I got pwned.

Best of 5 in 5 games

punch out, super punch out, rock-em-sock-em boxers, karate champ, and minesweeper


Does anyone play CVS2 in Reno?

No. Only #R.

Not Entirely Moe, but we have 2 CvS2 players here that (I don’t think) has stopped playing it, me and Rob are 3 (almost 4 years) removed from that game but we can still play it, but the machines for CvS2 here sucks balls really, so we don’t even touch it anymore. As for Avarus, hehe you can get yer wins now but don’t underestimate Rob and his Tekken skills bro. Just watch out.


I’ve been warned ^^




is Psychoballz gonna go to the regional? there is a really good Roger player down here.

I dunno if he is going.


I don’t Chris even plays T5 anymore. o_o;

T5 tonight suckas. Hey Paul, that avatar, it doesn’t look like it’s a EWGF, looks like a normal WGF.


No, it’s an electric. You can tell how it stuns the opponent back a bit. WGF doesn’t do that.

I’ll be over to the nugget tomorrow (saturday) night. See you then!