RENO CREW thread

Welcome to the Reno Crew Thread. The place where you wil find your competition in games such as Capcom vs SNK 2, Guilty Gear XX, and Soul Calibur 2. We try other games, but we feel we aren’t good enough other than these 3. Any questions, feel free to ask anyone in our forums, and we will help you in anyway, shape or form.

Maps to head to either Circus Circus OR Atlantis would be here–>

Circus Circus Reno

Atlantis Hotel and Casino Reno


oh shit new thread! :slight_smile: let’s use this one nicely gentlemen now let’s see o.o first order of business go check out the new site! nick c.'s working on it right now the address for the NEW site is ( crazy site! :o graphics by meee

anyway o_o happy turkey day to everyone who i didn’t say it to, and hope you’re sleepy for days to come cuz of leftovers. :open_mouth:

So what was this about a 3s machine? Is it at Atlantis?

It’s at Circus Circus. And before anyone gets this idea that it’s the greatest machine in the world… It WORKS, people. It has 8 ways that FEEL like they don’t hit diagonals, but they really do ( I was hitting urien combos perfect, they involve both charge and fireball motions), and the buttons are a little funky (2p side strong is caved in a little, but it still works perfect). Once you get used to it, it works fine. :smiley: The monitor has a slight wiggle in the middle of it, and it’s a little dark, but again; it’s a working 3s machine. It’s in the upstairs arcade now, next to Marvel and SC2.

Paul’s a fag? And why are you so sad about that?

OH SHIT NEW SITE IS UP! :slight_smile: good shit nick c. :smiley: you’re scripting hero! everyone check it out


Chris is prolly smoking some shizz that’s hella scaring me atm.


P.S. And yes, Paul is a fag…:eek:

YEAH!!! Post number 9 right here! w00t!

…I liked the old Reno thread better…it was scrubby, just like us…

Well, I guess just like everyone’s one week fanaticism about VF4 and everybody’s temporary devotion to learning Venom or Axl, all good things must come to an end…

P.S. Don’t let ruin know about this thread…god forbid he ever finds out that Paul’s a fag! :lol:

just cuz you guys get raped by my slayer at ggxx doesn’t mean i’m a fag :frowning: slayer is! so is millia, stupid fag millia



nick c. is the fucking truth. if you guys want to post up what you’re doing, you’re bored or something and don’t feel like coming here, under the “information” section of reno crew’s site is a nifty little thing that lets you post whatever you want on the front page of the site, like a news thing. it’s dope! i posted a new vid up there (or i’m doing it as we speak), so check it out :smiley:

i think i just shat myself. :o :smiley:

hey paul, what are your plans for this week???
we all need to get together so i can meet the rest of the crew here, and plus, i need to check out that new 3s cabinet. :smiley:

PS thanx nick c. for the site. you da man

mind you, this is the OLD 3S cabinet circus had, just it works now and you can play on it and it doesn’t crap out O_o

my plans next week

Sunday (today) = Resting, probably stay home and redo video (add some stuff, edit the music, ect…)

Monday = Work at 4:30pm, get off around 9pmish.

Tuesday = Same as monday…

Wednesday = Same as monday…

Thursday = Same as monday…

Friday = Free all day.

Saturday = Free all day.

You can hit me up before work any of those days if you want erik, s’all good . you could hit me up today (sunday) if you wanted, i’ll see what i can do about showing you around town.

When did that happen?? I prolly wasn’t there. Cause you claim that you rape everyone with Slayer…when was that??


P.S. Man I hella wanna learn Venom now :frowning: that it’s making me sad. I dunno why.

hey if you want to, you wanna chill on friday er’ something???
i can meet you up at your place, or the atlantis if you want.
post on the forums, what you would like to do, and ill call you on your cell, to make it official.
let me know


erik: what time friday? shouldn’t matter whatever time is good for you ^^ just gimme a ring on my cell phone 771-6000 and bring your stick if you wanna practice before we go out or anything ^^

btw everyone, i redid the video, cuz i didn’t like it originally… cleaned it up / added some nice glitches :smiley: have fun it’s at the reno crew site

Hey JP: I was thinking, do you think we should dedicate the first post to informing people who want to come down for a vacation about the various places in Reno that are a host to competetive fighting games? Maybe I can make a list or something, and mention all of them. Just wondering…

CvS2 at Circuit for $10! Woo! XD

might as well put it on the front page, jp… edit your post and put that shiz up there

I should learn ggxx. It seems like the line for that is shorter than the line for SC2.