Reno GGXX and Teams CvS2 July 19, 2004 90% not random


Here are the results for our small towns XX and CvS2 team tourney results.

XX- Small turn out, 4 people didn’t show up so we tried our best to have one anyway…

1st: Paul “kugler” Kugler-Slayer/Zappa/Faust
2nd: Robin “RenoROB” Mizuno-Eddie!!
3rd: Chris “psychoballz” Campbell-POTEMKIN!
4th: JC “Rounin” Gross-Testament
5th: Nick “hah coe” Campbell-Axl
5th: JP “JP_Ikari” Salcedo-Sol
7th: Nick “nyacono” Yacono-Potemkin/Slayer
7th: Eric “Von Muffinmeyer” Wesley-Bridget.

CvS2-I’ll let Muffinman post it, but I"ll just give you the top 3

1st-Nick Yacono/Chambers-K Groove Vega/Blanka
2nd-Paul Kugler/Chris Campbell- A groove Bison/Sakura
3rd-Robin Mizuno/JP Salcedo- C-groove Blanka/Yamazaki

small turn out, and the tourney was a round Robin format since we only had 5 teams ; ;.