Reno GGXX #reload Round Robin tourney (4/24/04)...JC WINS!


JC wins the very first Reno #reload tourney. Awesome shit my friend, so here are the results…

1st. JC “Rounin” Gross-Testament
2nd. Robin “ROB_UNR” Mizuno-Eddie
3rd. JP “JP_Ikari” Salcedo-Sol
4th. Nick “hah coe” Campbell-Axl
5th. Paul “kugler” Kugler-Slayer
6th. Jared “Tantin” Aughe-Anji
7th. Eric “VonMuffinMyer” Wesley-Millia

Should’ve been 8 peeps, but Nick Yacono came in too late ; ;. At anyrate mad props to JC and Nick for doing so well in the tourney, mad props to Rob for doing better even without having to practice the game for at least 2 weeks.


P.S. It was on console, sorry no footage of the tourney (thank god cause i sucked ; ; ). And in my very best Lil’ Jon impersonation…YEAH!!! ALRIGHT!!!