Reno Guilty Gear XX and CvS2 August 30th Results


Here are the results of last night’s tourney, and the GGXX tourney became the oddest thing that ever happened last night :D, results for both tourney’s:

CvS2:9 peoples

1st: Chris “psychoballz” Campbell: A-Groove Sagat, Ryu, R2 Cammy
2nd: Robin “The_Truth” Mizuno:C-Groove Blanka, Chun Li, R2 Sagat
3rd: JP “Ikari” Salcedo: C-Groove Rugal, Sagat, R2 Yamazaki/A-Groove Eagle, Ken, R2 Blanka
4th: Nick “NYacono” Yacono: C-groove Rugal, Sagat, R2 Blanka
5th: Hahn “Big Daddy” Ngu: A-Groove Haohmaru, Ken, R2 Blanka
5th: JC “Ronin” Gross: C-groove Cammy, Iori, R2 Guile
7th: Paul “A-Sakura” Kugler: A-groove Sakura, ??, R2 ??
and 2 others I forgot their names

GGXX:8 Peoples

1st: JP “Ikari” Salcedo: Baiken/Sol/Chipp
2nd: Robin “The_Truth” Mizuno: EDDIE!!!/Chipp
3rd: Andrei “Sho” Bustarde: Johnny :eek:
4th: Chris “psychoballz” Campbell: Potemkin
5th: JC “Ronin” Gross: Testament
5th: Nick “??” Campbell: May :eek:
7th: Paul “A-Sakura” Kugler: Faust/Eddie/Sol
7th: Mike ??:Chipp

Andrei showed up late in our tourney and had to face Paul in the losers, then beat Paul’s Eddie and Sol, then Andrei continued the onslaught towards Nick, then the highlight of the night was Andrei beating Chris’s Potemkin, but the streak was ended by Robin’s Eddie. Finals weren’t taken seriously by me and Rob, I FINALLY BEAT HIS EDDIE IN TOURNEY PLAY!!! And seeing two Chipp’s in the finals was cool too HEHE :D.



PAUL TIED W/ MIKE?!?!!? OMG :smiley: :evil:




jp you fag stop playing chipp and go back to dizzy


hopefully shes got some teeth