Reno pre evo tourney!

For all reno players that want to get some last minute action i am trying to hold a tourney b4 evo. Lets get a roll call of who wants to go. 2/3 games double elim $5.00 entry. Location TBD

hey nelson

i don’t think anyone is left in this town. :c

Then goodbye, Mr. Thread!

Yeah no one in town plays anymore, its not like seven of us just went to fudds or anything. Anyway im down.

well paul i meant its for players that can handle a loss…not quitters. i have heard there have been about 20 players at the last few. :rofl:

Ok the location will be at my office off mill st. I will post the actual address a few days b4 the tourney. Its big, so space is no problem. i have a few older tv’s there so if anyone wants, bring a couple tvs. it will start at 4:30 pm.

what day?? im down.

depending on the date I think I might drive up for this. I live out near Sac so I think it’s around a 2 hour drive? if I do come, I think I might get a room somewhere. any suggestions?

Yeah, I agree. I’ve been a big-ass bitch lately about losing. I guess it’s what happens when you forgot what being a beginner is; which I am in Street Fighter 4 / BlazBlue. And I haven’t really been following the scene in Reno other than forums, which are dead… not easy to see much going on.

I would have to say that if I were an out of towner I would stay at either the grand Sierra Resort, the Peppermill, or the Atlantis. Please do come up to this and bring some people :wink:

Sorry guys, the date and time is friday july 10 at 4:30.

i’ll come. this time i will be able to breath and focus just on the game Xd

Btw, I am going down to Vegas on the 11th to go win their ranbat, anyone want to come for a really long drive with me?

Fresh your crazy bro. Real talk. I’ll see whats up though.

correction I am going solo with a friend who doesnt play so I will have no room in my car. But I am for cereal driving 8 hours so that I can thend rive 8 hours back.

BPC when and where for the drive?

I’m totally down to drive with you 8 hours, I can’t let you go alone and then drive 8 hours by yourself you might kill yourself.;p But hey listen just let me make sure I don’t work and we’ll be set to go man.

But now that I think about it I may or may not be going to Genesis.

Oh and I really want to go to the tournament if I don’t end up going to Genesis…but damn…Genesis…we’ll have to see.

So is this still on or no ?

haha funny how the topic was changed :rofl:

anyways anyone be willing to pick me up for this tourny?? pleaaaaaase?

double post, haha
i just realized, that the tournament location hasnt been written down.

NO address=no tournament :[
anyways nelson where is it at exactly?

the tournament will be at 960 matley lane behind suite 21. I will set it up about 3pm if anyone wants practice. sorry about the delay been busy.