Reno RANDOM! Tourney (3/6/04) Results


As usual, we had another Random tourney and here are the results. Surprisingly enough, we had more people that entered CvS2, than in XX.

Guilty Gear XX-9 People

1st-Paul “kugler” Kugler-Slayer
2nd-Rob “ROB_UNR” Mizuno-Eddie
3rd-JC “Rounin” Gross-Testament
4th-Chris “psychoballz” Champbell-Potchyo!!!
5th-Nick “hah coe” Campbell-Axl
5th-JP “JP_Ikari” Salcedo-Sol
7th-Ivan ?? -Sol/Testament
7th-Nick “Nyacono” Yacono-Potchyo
9th-Jared “tantin or tatin??” ??-Johnny

Capcom VS SNK 2-12 people
1st-Chris “psychoballz” Campbell-A groove (Bison/Cammy/Ryu/ R2 Eagle or Balrog)
2nd-Rob “ROB_UNR” Mizuno-C groove (Blanka/Chun Li/Sagat alternating Blanka and Sagat during the finals on which is R2)
3rd-Chambers “dark hadou” ??-K groove (Blanka/Akuma/R2 Vega)
4th-Paul “kugler” Kugler-K groove (Blanka/Morrigan/Cammy(??)/ R2 Sagat)
5th-JP “JP_Ikari” Salcedo
5th-Nick “Nyacono” Yacono
7th Erik “The Muffin Man” Wesley
7th-Nick “iidx nick” Suttie
9th-Jared “tantin or tatin” ??
9th-JC “Rounin” Gross