Reno Tournament - MAR 20-21


Hey everyone,

The guys from my city (Reno, Nevada) are holding a huge tournament called Reno Revolution. Details can be found here:

It’s a 2 day tournament over next weekend (Saturday + Sunday).

There’s a guaranteed $350 payout + whatever the entry fees are per game. Supposedly, some good players are also going to come down from California (think Keystone), and it will be streamed. If they do, you get a pre-evo practice against other folks. If not, you beast and earn some money. It’s a win-win.

Games are:

**- Street Fighter IV singles

  • Street Fighter IV 3v3
  • Tekken 6
  • SSBB**

It’s 750 miles from Seattle to Reno, the drive is approximately 12 hrs.

I will be providing a place to stay so hotel expenses are not necessary.

You would need Friday, Saturday, and Sunday free. Who’s up for it? I say we make a group, drive down there and show how Seattle rolls. We could all pitch in for gas, etc.

You can gamble if that’s your thing, get some VERY good food (I know a few places), and I can show you around if you wish.


so wait are you driving?


No, I’m a student here and don’t have a car. I was hoping someone could drive us, and we can all pitch in for gas or whatnot. The big selling point here I think is that you don’t have to pay for a room or have to worry about staying anywhere, I got you guys covered.

It’s just about assembling a team here.

The drive isn’t that bad either. We can stop off in Oregon and get some awesome steak :tup:


Im interested, but OBV don’t drive. I’ll think about it since I’ll have to take a day off of work.


I’ve just been updated and my friend tells me that Combofiend will be attending. Probably some bigger names, but I don’t want to promise 100% and then have you guys kill me if they don’t make it.


is that $40 a team? or is it $120/team ($40 a head).

I really kinda want to go. Fucking sucks that Bokkin is out of state cause he would be down to drive.


$40 per team.

Yeah, I would think that Carlos would probably go for sure and beast if he wasn’t out of town. I really hope we organize something, but I do realize that this is kind of on short notice, and does require 3 days of your time.

Spread the word if you can Frank, I know everybody isn’t on SRK, and you know some peeps.


Doesn’t look like it’s going to work out, but what the hell - this is the last thread bump.

Anyone that has the weekend and most of Friday off, is down to drive, play some Street Fighter and enjoy the irrational Reno weather respond here or PM me.

This isn’t some tourny at a dude’s house - this shit is official, sponsored by a hotel.


Double post oops.


hmm im actually thinking of driving to this. Who is still down?

Talk to me at the dojo or call me Digimish



I’d be down to go to this. Sounds like hella fun. I got a reliable ride as well if people are still thinking about going.



I’m down for this if people are trying to make it happen.


I’d still be down. Road trip is soundin kinda bomb.


I’m totally down for this. Looks like we’ve got enough people for 2 NW teams.


2 teams would be dope. My car can fit 4 comfortably. I could do 5 but I don’t think anyone would want to be the middle man.


what time would we be leaving tomorrow? I might have something else I’ll have to do.


Frank if you need to leave my place earlier that’d be fine I have hella I can do on my laptop or whatever…




Waiting on Cole to get back to me…


^so this isn’t poppin?