RENOCREW 2011 (Northern Nevada's Fightin Game Scene)


Starlight Fight Night 05/23/2014

Bring your Game, Bring your Hype, but most of all bring yourself!


We Hungry and we want competition and for that reason I want to invite you guys to come up to The Biggest Little City. Come represent your town or City, Come see how you stack up to Reno’s Finest.

Starlite Fight Night
Games List: Casual USFIV, UMVC3, Xtekken, KOF, TTT2, Melee, Brawl, PM
Dates / Days:Friday-Sat
Times: 630pm-1amSaturday
Address: (1201 Stardust street, Reno, NV 89503, USA)
Prices: 1$ raffle donation no required fee
Stream Channel:
Group’s SRK Thread, Facebook, Twitter, Webpage Links ect.
RENOCREW 2011 (Northern Nevada’s Fightin Game Scene)

Starlite Fight Night Tournament Edition
Games List: USFIV, UMVC3, Melee, PM (Xtekken, KOF, TTT2, Brawl, Tournament pending enough entrants)
Dates / Days:Last Friday of Every Month
Times: 630pmFriday-1amSaturday
Address: (1201 Stardust street, Reno, NV 89503, USA)
Prices: 6$ entry, 5$ dollar for tournament and 1$ for venue. Dollar raffle that happens this day also available for 1$
Stream Channel:
Group’s SRK Thread, Facebook, Twitter, Webpage Links ect.
RENOCREW 2011 (Northern Nevada’s Fightin Game Scene)


Might come tomorrow, coming back to the scene for good now. Working on Cody instead of Balrog.


Ata boy thats what I’m sayin roll through we’d love to have you back mang.


air campbell came last week, old reno cruu returning lol


Super Puzzle Fighter II tournament this friday at Starlite Bowling alley!!


I pee standing up.


Lol Igloo keeping the thread alive


Anyone that Doesn’t know it’s and you can find and fight the area’s best fighting game players.


What up guys do you still go to the bowling place on Keystone on Friday’s?
What up Jose I think you text me Happy holidays everyone


yea ppl still go there every friday…


What up guys I’m in a rehab program right now. I’m gonna come check out the scene in June though, stay up.


Psychoballz just making sure you’re alright send me a text or something or message me here.


oh shit tipsyUncle sorry I keep meaning to call you, just been kind of embarrassed about being a bumb but I know I shouldn’t trip on that. Damn just got this message I’ll hit you up for sure.


what up guys? noticed that the bowling center closed down. Do you guys do any events lately. Not much of a facebook user, hit me up.


Bumping this thread because Reno has an active SF5 scene for sure. We just moved our communications over to Facebook, but if you’re coming to Reno to visit or a local looking for comp go ahead and post and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.


Hello all.

I’m currently trying to do some research for someone who is wanting to utilize a space in their owned business to set up a dedicated location in Carson City for regular competitive gaming of all sorts. I see that there is apparently a scene in Reno (@psychoballz ), so I’m curious as to the interest in such a venue in Carson.


I’m currently living in Reno looking to improve in fighting games in general I know just the basic like input motions but want to learn more please if there a fgc event would like to participate in thanks


Oh good check out renos FBT group it’s where we hang and plan weekly meet ups.


We do biweekly tournament and offsetting friendly meet ups and lobbies. Welcome!!!


Seeing as Posting has slowed so much, I would advise using the Facebook group below to get more information on Northern Nevada FGC and RenoCruu specifically.

We do Weely tournaments at GamesGalore See Poster, but times and dates are always on the site.