Rental Housing

Hello, SRK :). I’ve been lurking here for a few years, and I just signed up last year, posting sporadically after that. In any case…

I was wondering if anyone would like to chime in about finding places to rent? I’m going to be moving out of state next month, and I’ve been eyeballing a few places around where I’m moving to (Pigeon Forge, Tennessee), but I’d like to know if there’s more options than what I’ve been able to dig up online. If someone would like to post a few good sites to look for rental housing (anything’s fine, whether it’s houses, apartments, condos, or other things), I’d appreciate it. Specific houses aren’t necessary (unless you really feel like it :p), I just need some search engines to go digging in.


have you tried craigslist?

Craigslist, yes,, no… Oddly enough, I seem to have made an account with and never used it, so I’ll definitely hit that one now. Thanks for the reminder!

Well I think you have to ask yourself a couple questions. Your laiseez faire approach to what you live in might lead to a decision you later regret. Do some research, find out what housing prices are in Pigeon Forge, TN. Are the apartments in the town modern? Are they a place you see yourself for a while? Or do you want the added functionatlity of a home? Which may be more expensive, but how much more expensive. Are you living alone? What kind of extras do you want? How much are you willing to pay for each of those extras? What are their priorities? I think you have alot of questions to ask and answer, but in short, CL might not be a great option if its not a larger area, but is pretty solid for apartment searching.

True, I was a bit lax on details there :smile:. I’ll probably be there for a good while (at the very least, several years… I honestly think it’ll be a permanent move, but whether it will be or not will be more clear in a year or two). I don’t have much of a preference of whether the house is an apartment or a complete house; I’ll be rooming with two of my friends, and we’ll be splitting the rent and pooling our income, so we can handle higher rents with a bit more ease. As for extras, there’s not a whole lot we need in general… High-speed internet connections would naturally be preferred, but that’s about it. Reasonably, I’d say a rent of up to $800 a month including other fees wouldn’t be entirely unreasonable. I certainly am pretty relaxed about finding a place, though; the three of us really don’t care much where we live or the cost (within reason), it just has to have the basics for us to get by :smile:

Get the towns local paper and start lookin’.

pigeon forge, tenn? you and your sister finally get hitched?

Oh yeah, 'cause the South jokes are just too easy… He didn’t say he was moving to Kentucky… Geez, we need to get these people to learn where the inbreeding really happens…

Anyway back @ Hisaki: If there are three of you, and you’re total rent pool is 800 (or is it 2400? I’m going to assume you meant 800 total divided by 3), I can’t imagine housing values are particularly high there. Of course, it is pretty close to Gatilinburg which is a pretty affluent area in Tennessee. But I would think, for 800.00 you could probably do fine and get a nice house to take care of. I guess the other thing is how long are your roommates going to be your roommates? But, assuming you’re gonig to all be together for an extended period of time, my recommendation has to be for at least a 3 bedroom house with a nice floor plan. Listen, living with a family is difficult. Living with people you’re not related to is harder, much harder. If someone wants the master bedroom, let them pay the extra for the extra space. Seriously, finding a three bedroom apartment is going to be a pain the rear and with three cars, you might run into parking problems with a complex, I’d seriously look at renting a house and getting some quality renter’s insurance.

Yep, our renting pool will be 800 divided by 3. We could go for something more expensive, but we’d rather keep costs under control. I’ve looked at some houses, and they seem like good choices also, especially considering the living arrangements and all. We’ll probably be roommates for quite some time, too… Probably for most of the foreseeable future. We’ve been good friends for about a decade now, though, and we’ve lived together before, so we’re quite chummy about who gets what :smile:. As for newspapers, one of us is already living in the town (small apartment, though, so it can’t accommodate us all), and he’s browsing the pickings there. Me and the other friend are a little distance from Atlanta, Georgia, so we’re trying to help out however we can, hence the search engine requests.

Thanks for all the help, though, it’s much appreciated :smile:

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee