Rental Legend: Clayfighter


You all remember this game, I’m sure.

Best believe I repped that Taffy and Blob as well as Bad Mr. Frosty and Ickybod Crane.

There was also Clayfighter 63 1/3 which featured Earthworm Jim…and I guess you could only rent the game from Blockbuster? Like, literally you could only rent the Sculptors Cut?

Either way, we need more fighting games like this.

I used to rent that shit all the time. I was stupid child.

That reviewer didn’t even really review the game. He kind of just reaffirmed judgements you could make just by looking at it.

I wasn’t really concerned about the review so much as providing decent footage.

I gather there’s not a lot of footage online? That’s surprising, I mean it’s not that unheard of.

Most of it is old promos or shitty combo exhibitions. I would have rather just seen all the stages and special moves but yeah…

I owned Clayfighter Tournament Edition (Hah!) for SNES, and rented part 2 on SNES and had 63 1’3rd on N64. I really loved the first one and I’d mash for dear life to get specials out. The 1st version on the N64 was not rental only, you’re thinking of Sculptor’s Cut which was really bad and fundamental fighting game design does not apply to it. 63 1’3rd was bad but at least playable. Sculptor’s Cut even made Earthworm Jim password-locked whereas in the previous version he was selectable at the start.

That’s weird…I saw some gameplay footage that made it look like the N64 games had endless loop stages…so they had no walls?

There was walls, but the 2D characters sort of slide across the 3D wall boundary so it seems like there’s no corner. In some stages though, you could back yourself into a wall in mid-air and get stuck there since there’s there’s no pushback during a juggle, so if you get hit, it’s an infinite. This happened a lot in Sculptor’s Cut cause they took out sidestepping and made it harder for characters to slide along the wall when their backed into a corner.