REP, does it mean anything?



I haven’t used LIVE since I had the original XBOX to play some games and LIVE has changed quite a bit… I noticed (don’t remember this a few years back) that people have these neat stars next to their name now… and I read about the rep thing and it’ll tell you who blocked you or something like that…

My question is now:

  1. Does this affect you at all, as in do you tend to stay away from people with lower stars?

  2. What would make someone give you “low rep?”

I noticed I had 3 and a half stars for some reason, and that 50% of people I played didn’t want to play against me again… Never left any games, if anything they kicked me because we’ve been playing each other a ton of times already and it wasn’t even because I was owning them, lagging, or playing like a “scrub”(at least I don’t think so, my fei is really aggressive… no turtling or running away)


rep means nothing. Heck I never even see stars anymore on the new xbox experience, though I never look for them. The problem is people will give negative rep for beating them, for disconnecting, because they don’t like your name or just because they want to. So it’s no surprise that if you are winning your rep isn’t high.


I block people with shitty internet I randomly find through quick match. If their lag is bad enough to not even allow me to move then I don’t feel like accidentally playing them again and getting just as frustrated.


In reality, rep means nothing. it’s a way for players of equal skill to fight one another. Some players think it’s some kind of status symbol and they will go into a match using lag tactics to win and boost their BP points. Once there patterns stop working and their health bar gets too low, and they know they don’t have the skill or any metagame whatsoever to make a comeback, they bail out and pull the plug. This really pisses me off, cause good players should get the BP they deserve for destorying mindless pattern players so they can have better matches as well as interesting matchups (fighting Ken all the time is dull) and sorry senseless players should not have 11,000 BPs. Sadly, this is the way it is.

To answer your questions:

  1. I don’t care how good or bad my opponent is, as long as he/she can take a loss and not D/C. The reason we play online is for the competition. If people don’t like to lose, then don’t play online.

  2. For me, obivious it’s the ragequitters. Having to take random BS damage for someone 1st round, then squeeze through second time (after figuring out the pattern) and punish hard 3rd round just to have the player stop moving and D/C or D/C during an ultra finish; that would make me give a low rep to anyone.


cool, thanks guys. that shit is stupid then lol.