Repainting a Finkle metal case? Advice?


I’m waiting on cherry switches and a second JLF spring to complete my ultimate mod, but in the meantime, my case hasn’t been in the best condition for quite some time now and has some scratches on the bottom and the sides. I’m thinking about repainting it. When I took it over to my friend, he mentioned that some sanding on the metal would have to be done.

But what about paint? My friend also mentioned that Finkle could have used clear coat paint, which I lack but probably can get at a local hardware store.

So what sort of steps should I take to repaint a metal case? Thanks for the read.


One of these days someone should have a FAQ for construction of the joystick box :sweat: Not being a smartass, just saying there isn’t anything on the forums like “why use poplar instead of MDF” or “polyurethane vs. lacquer” type of stuff.

Use some 600-grit sandpaper for metal, sand it up, get some Rustoleum bare-metal primer and whatever other color you want, and go nuts. One coat of primer, let it dry, then as many coats of whatever else that you need, making sure the coats dry before applying a new one.


yeah, agreed. slagcoin definitely has a great guide though, especially with dealing with the various types of wood.

Also could you please tell me what is the purpose of sanding the metal? And would I need primer if I just want to reapply some clear coats over everything?


Lots of steel has a hard-to-notice coating on it that’s an attempt to keep it from rusting, but has a side-effect of not letting paint adhere to it properly, so you wanna sand that junk off. Sanding the metal also cleans all the grime, dust and other crap off of it and allows for direct paint-to-metal adhesion. Just don’t forget your primer, that’s the most important step that a lot of people skip for whatever silly reason.


K, I’ll definitely use your method with sanding and priming. Thanks scuz.


I like to help :bgrin:


New/last question, apologies D:

What kind of paint should I use for the metal? Vinyl Dye? Or does it have to be a clear coat?

After I finish this project, I’ll never work with metal again for an arcade stick



I have to know what paint and primer to use whether it be a clear coat, powder coat, or some kind of krylon or rustoleum brand. Otherwise, my case will turn out bad. D: