Repair a MadCatz PCB

I’m trying to do my second dual mod and haven’t learned to not leave the damn soldering iron on the board for too long. As a result, I’ve ended up with this:

Look at copper to the left of BE8. You’ll notice the copper on the right side has been ripped off and the white paint (actually a wire?) has also come off. This is for the “X” button on a TE-S style PCB. I’m wondering if this is salvageable, and if so what steps I should take. Every button except X is working fine…


Edit: sorry about the shitty cellphone picture, I don’t have a better camera ATM!

solder directly to the many other contacts on the board.

I soldered to the one on the back but it doesn’t seem to be working. I can post a picture of the soldering job on the back. Maybe I screwed it up?

Here it is :

X is third wire from the top. Every other button is working normally except X. I thought maybe this was because of the atrocity that happened on the other side (in the first post).

your first pic isn’t showing but also your button next to ground on the joystick side looks like it’s connected to ground also
not sure what you are using but I have just learned the magic that is REALLY THIN SOLDER for stuff like this. works wonders

does X work on xbox/ps3/neither?
also show where the other side of the X wire is soldered onto the chimp/cthulhu/whatever

I am thinking by lifting that pad you bake a break in the trace the X button contact goes to the encoder chip on the PCB.
Also from looking at your soldering, you might want to get more practice. Solder should not look like dull blobs. Looks like you melted solder directly over the wiring, I could be wrong. The solder should just “coats” both metals in the joint made. First tint the wire, then apply heat to the surface to be soldered not the solder it self. As the metal just warms up apply the solder.

This guide would explain what I am talking about better.

To fix your ruined X button contact, you want some thin wire, 30 gauge would work, lightly tap the tinted end of one wire to the correct pin on the chip, and the other ends solders to your X button contact.

Yeah the trace is broken but I can’t figure out where. Obviously the closer you get to the IC the more complicated things get…I’m thinking maybe it’s time to seek out a replacement.

It could still work…take a pic of the other side…do you have access toa multi meter? Also on the solder point you have in the pic take a small flathead screwdriver and try to lift the soldered joint…it just might not of taken…

what you could do is do as i had to do to fix a b input

i had to go back and visually look at the trace and go straight to the main IC on the black black goo with a 30 gauge wire to retrace back to the main point you peeled

Yeah I think ripping off that square on the front messed up the trace for the pin connector. Since I lack the dexterity to solder to the trace closer to the IC (the wires are REALLY close together there and I obviously suck donkey balls at soldering) I’ve found a modder in my area who will help me figure out what to do.

if you look at the square, you can trace it to a small tiny pinhole which would go to the other side. From there you can see where that line goes straight to the main IC. A multimeter would help greatly for this process.