Repair D pad on Logitech Dual Action controller

Past two days I’ve noticed that the pad sticks to the lower right randomly. I never took a controller apart before so I ask here in case anyone has. Could this problem be resolved by cleaning the thing, or when the pad starts doing that it’s time to get a new one? Not that I mind too much, they only cost under $20 online.

Wouldn’t hurt to take it apart and give it a rubdown with alcohol. Probably finger grime buildup.

if the sillicon layer contacts are torn though you can find cheap scrap parts buying a logitech precision gaming pad for 9 dollar, you ll get a new D -Pad, a nex silicon layer, and a new spring, and … a new USB cord, that you can swap with the original, i had to fix my logitech precision cord twice already, and i had a similar problem on the D-pad.

This really is a nice product as far as ergonomy goes, but it lacks in the field of “resilience” sadly.