Repair RROD 360


I just got a RROD 360 from my friend for cheap. I was wondering if there were any stores that offered repairs sub $100, especially if the warranty is voided. Or if all else fails any other ideas with what I could do with a broken 360 :sweat:



Call microsoft and get it repaired from them and see how much it costs

also, you can use it as a door stop.


I did it myself a few months back on a friend’s xbox loosely following Llamma’s guide.

30 minutes later the 360 was alive again, and it’s still rocking.


Where are you located Goopy? I can re-flow it. I’m in Anaheim, CA.


Hey man where are you located. Check out the website., We reflow and if need be reball so it lasts for the long run. We are located in the inland empire but if you are comfortable mailing, just contact our shipping department.