Repairing a Sanwa Flash PCB

I have a sanwa flash PCB… the down direction doesnt work on it. Anything I can do to repair it?

I read trading outlet on forum.
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He said broken or not work sanwa flash PCB.

theres a thread about it. not really about fixing it. but i believe toodles said u can film the flash pcb with a camera and it will show the infrared lights and which one is dead, then you can find the same bulb and replace it somehow. seems like a lot of work.

i am sanwa flash interesting

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Take off the black top, power it, film it with a camera to see if any of the LEDs are not glowing, replace busted LED if any. An LED going out is definitely the most likely problem.

How do I take this thing apart? Seems like its glued together pretty tight…

And what LED should I be using?