Repairing Fightstick?


I have a Madcatz TE-S Round 2 fightstick, but the warranty has run out since I’ve had it for more than 2 years. In that time span, I got a puppy and he managed to get a hold of the wire and now I cannot play with the fightstick. There is a visible tear revealing the wiring inside and it is clearly severed. Is there a way I could repair it?

I contacted Madcatz support already and for some reason they do not understand my problem…


Look at the previous threads and you’ll realize that someone asked the exact same thing within this week and the answer you want is there. Please search the forums and look at the stickied thread because you’re not the first and most certainly not the last person to get this problem.

Edit: here is the other thread if you don’t want to look for it Help, is this fixable?


Yes, you can fix it. Simply repair or replace the USB cable. This requires that you have basic mechanical and electrical ability, because you’ll need to manually open up your stick, cut wires, solder and desolder, strip insulation, etc…

It’s not all that difficult with the help of an online guide, patience, and time, but it’s definitely not as easy as plug-and-play.


Thanks a bunch. I never found anything by searching, but I guess I just didn’t search hard enough :stuck_out_tongue:


there are anti-chew sprays you can use to keep it from happening again