Repairing scratched 360 games?

my joystick fell on my xbox when it was on a standing position, i heard a scratch, i looked at my SF4, and saw 2 huge circular scratches. the game works, but it messes up once in ahwhile.

do those anti-disc scratch thingermabobs work? i heard tooth paste helps it out too, anyways what should i do?

There are a few DIY ways of resurfacing your disc, I’ve never tried a “disc doctor” or whatever those thingies are called. There’s toothpaste, and even brasso. Basically you want something that is mildly abrasive, so you can wear down the plastic layer to reduce read errors. It puts thousands of little scratches in the plastic, so that the big one isn’t as big.

However, if you have a buffing/polishing wheel, as can be affixed to an grinder, an angle grinder, dremel or even a drill, you may be better off there. Working carefully and making sure to spray the disc with water, using a tool like that to buff out the scratches works well. I’ve repaired a few xbox discs this way, before I cracked open my disc drive and installed some foam bumpers. I haven’t tried it with anything other than a standing grinder, but in theory it should work.

A local movie rental store near me puts it through a disc cleaner/scratch remover and it usually works quite well, though it think it takes a layer off the actual DVD.


Before you start putting toothpaste on your discs drive around to your video rental stores and see if they have a professional disc resurfacing machine. Mine charges $2 per disc, but they look damned near new when done. The little stupid disc doctors are very hit and miss and can damage the disc themselves. I’ve been the brasso/toothpaste route and I hope I don’t ever have to fuss with that again.

If you want to be really dodgy, go to a retailer that accepts refunds, buy another copy of SF IV, put the scratched disc in the case and return it for a refund and say it was like that when you bought it.

Prevention is always better than cure. :china:

go to your loca gamestop or EB they always have a way to repair scratched up disk.

You could always borrow a copy from a friend, install to hard drive then use the scratched disc to start the game. It only reads the security info to start it and that’s it so it should be fine.

No store has refunds on software, only replacements. He would have two SF4.

They can give you a refund or replacement if the item is faulty, which as far as they are concerned, it is. There are a heap of stores that do it here in Australia, chain stores mainly. Go to Walmart or something, I thought they refunded anything.

Hey guys, thanks for the advice!