Repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Passes... now arguing about other things

Senate GOP Blocks Cloture On Repeal Of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell | TPMDC


WHy the fuck do you want to ban a rule? What so now there is special treatment in the Military? Its a RULE DONT FUCKING ASK DONT FUCKING TELL and if you break it why get special treatment because you are " Gay " I dont hate gays I hate people who fuck up our military.

How about:
Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Don’t Care

This bullshit about “I shall get revenge upon you by telling upon you!” – that’s crap. WHO CARES! You don’t suddenly become incompetent by someone knowing that you’re gay.

Sex has nothing to do with war and defense of the country. Nobody cares how proud you are of what you bed, and nobody but the person you bed needs to know.

I’m reluctant to really take a side on this issue. Normally I’ll always agree with (for lack of a better term :rofl:) the gay side in gay rights issues, but I really don’t understand how the military works, and what effect the policy has, or removal of the policy would have.

Heres on point of view… Okay so “Hazing” has become " BANNED " because Liberals think its wrong which I guess to a point is but its there for a reason. Now if you fuck up a mission or training and get everyone in trouble you are getting the usual Hazing of the such. Now usually if you get Hazed its whatever you learn maybe be bruised up a little BUT if you break the rule and State you are in fact a homosexual and its found out by a liberal idiot they can go out and call it a hate crime. I have a ton of examples challenge me. A rules a rule you arent in the military to be " an INDIVIDUAL " You are apart of one large branch.

It’s a rule based on discrimination…plain and simple.

Its a rule I dont know why people are trying to change it. NO ONE in the Military cares about it and it should be followed like any other order.

So, discrimination is ok as long as it’s a military rule?

It shouldn’t matter if you are gay or straight. You are fighting for your country, serving the people, fighting for our rights as people.
But with that said, I don’t see why gays even join the military to defends rights they don’t even have.

American’s what to talk about how tolerant they are and all this bullshit but then when it comes to gays it’s a whole different story. They treat it like its some weird disease.


This is pretty much how I feel. “Don’t ask, don’t tell” would be fine if it applied to heterosexuality as well, but it doesn’t. Like angrylib said, it’s a rule based on discrimination. I don’t like to use the word ‘homophobia’ because I don’t think fear is involved, but the entire thing is based on discrimination and the opinion that a person’s sexual preference dictates what parts of the law do and don’t apply to them.

Its not Discrimination its protection. What if you told the wrong guy you where gay ? What if your Commanding officer HATED Gays and he found out you where? NOt saying people in the military hate gays its just People do hate them and the military is not a place for individualism.

But its the place for narrow mindedness and bigotry?
get the fuck out of here.

The military is to defend out rights and choices as people. If you can’t recognize and respect the life choices of other people then you need to gtfo.

What if the commander in said situation instead hated Mexicans? Would it be for the protection of everyone if we said Mexicans can serve as long as they don’t look Mexican…

Get the fuck out with this “protection” BS. Being open about your homosexuality isn’t about individuality. IT’S WHO YOU ARE! That’s it. Nothing more. This isn’t an agenda, this is people, and saying one group of people can only serve under these arbitrary conditions that do not apply to any other group of people…which, to me at least, sounds suspiciously like discrimination…

Its not a place to join and try and be an individual. DO you not fucking understand?
There shouldn’t be a need to ask or tell anyone your sexual preference it isn’t a fucking Day camp its the Military.

it was a rule that was added in 1992… you do realize we fought plenty of wars successfully before DADT policy was in place.

hell, it was passed because a bunch of people made the argument that unit cohesion was at risk if gay people were found to be fighting along side straight people… yeah except a recent poll (a poll with a sample size of 25% of the military… which is an ENORMOUS sample size for a poll) showed that between 80 and 90% of service members couldn’t care less.

according to the constitution, the military can discriminate in this country as long as it’s for national security. (obviously that’s not the actual phrasing but that’s the gist of it)

… your kidding right? you do realize that since DADT was enacted, many many service members have been outed by others (ie, they didn’t tell, they didn’t ask, they were discovered to be gay and thus kicked out), some had their personal emails looked through by superior officers etc.

your completely delusional if you think this policy is in place to protect homosexuals in the military.

I don’t understand how you can properly use a keyboard with missing chromosomes…

This guy’s right, you know? I was a military child. There was no individuality in the military. All of us did the same thing every day on the clock. Wake up at the same time. Go to school at the same time. Eat at the same time. Along with everyone else. We had no identity. No playing, no laughing, no doing things during off time like the normal children outside of the fence separating the free world from the world of soulless drones.

I dont have missing chromos you idiot and stay on the point. Most of you dont understand How is changing it going to change anything? IT A FUCKING RULE YOU JOIN THE MILITARY KNOWING THE RULE. Its not like they dont tell you that you cant do that. What if they took out other rules and made it okay to do other stuff? Changing this opens up a gateway to changing other shit.

it’s going to stop superior officers who suspect that one of their soldiers is gay, from going and spying on their emails and phone conversations until they confirm that said soldier is gay and kick them out of the military.

honestly it baffles me that during 2 concurrent wars our country wants to discriminate against who can and can not enter into military service, i was unaware that gay people’s guns fired less effective bullets, their computers dropped less effective bombs etc.