Repeatable Damage

So lately I’ve been struggling with the fact that Yang is a rushdown character that has fairly lackluster okizeme, especially considering 2012’s nonsensical crossup nerf that makes it so we have to “work harder” by only being able to hit half the time against the vast majority of the cast.

That said, the main problem Yang seems to have is a lack of repeatable damage. Most of the time I see people do a combo into rekkas and then the opponent is halfway across the screen and the situation is over. 175 or so damage. Bleh. So our bnb does less damage than an ex tiger uppercut and sets us up for almost nothing. The rollkick ender helps a bit but with the lack of a decent crossup it’s bloody easy to block for all of the characters without a massive hurtbox.

Yang gets his strongest mixups from resets, which are actually pretty good and easy to make ambiguous, but tend to suffer from costing 2 bars. So recently, just to mess around, I’ve been trying to land cl. mk as many times in a row as possible and in situations where I wouldn’t normally do it, and the results have been refreshingly positive:

Cr.lp, s.lp, works from point blank against slightly less than 80% of the cast. That means off a deep jump in hp or TC1, you end up with about 10 less guaranteed damage (assuming you follow up with JC j.hp) than a combo into rekkas for a free reset situation. Naturally you can also do this on wakeup if you can convince them to try to tech.

After the j.hp reset you can dash under or fake dash under as most Yangs are already aware, at which point you have a pretty massive frame advantage which is usually used to land a rekka combo or command grab. Instead of going into rekkas, why not just cr.lp, s.lp, again? Akumas have been throwing away 20 damage for better positioning for like 4 years now and I don’t see how this is much different. Granted it’s easier to get out of, but you’re still making them guess rather than just letting them out for an extra 20 damage. It also does like 40 more stun for what it’s worth.

This basically should also let you ultra 1 whenever you want for free if your inputs are good (mine aren’t so far, but I’ll get there) via the cl. mk, whiff divekick U1 as well as set up a corner carry from much further away with a bit of luck.

Naturally this is a worse option on block, but not by a tremendous amount as it’s only -2 (as with light rekka) and it gives you a pretty decent amount of time to hitconfirm. I’ve even done s.lp, or just a few times against Rose and Rufus (w/o meter) just because it doesn’t normally work against them and I wasn’t too scared of reversals.

This does not work on Juri, Chun, Guy, Hakan, Guile, Blanka, Gief, Rufus, Hawk or Rose, as far as my testing was able to determine.

Anyway, try it out. It’s probably not something we can rely on all the time, but so far it’s worked really well for me.

Edit: I can’t believe it took me that long to notice how many chars it whiffs against on crouch. That’s still irrelevant on a properly timed reset or wakeup situation due to the fact that your opponent will automatically stand up, but maybe doing just (delayed) s.lp, is better if you need a free reset and you catch them with a jump in fierce. Incidentally, the characters it hits 100% on crouch are Makoto, Seth, Gouken, Abel and Fei Long, so in those matchups the timing is not so strict.

great stuff, i can’t normally be bothered to read much but this was interesting enough for me to hold on.

ill be practising this and trying to use it maybe.

I’ll be trying this out, too. So simple and creative. Sounds promising

Yeah, I got 3 resets in a row against an Abel yesterday (and a stun, natch). It was a thing of beauty. It doesn’t give us vortex-level shit, but even if you just replace every instance of reset>rekka combo with reset> combo you should find yourself getting a fair amount of stuns you otherwise wouldn’t.

could you upload a vid for us visual learners

Unfortunately I have no way of capturing it at present. There’s no real spacing requirements outside of being as close as possible to the opponent, so the results shouldn’t be that tough to reproduce. I’ll upload something if I get a chance to play PC any time soon since it should be the same in AE anyway