Repenting for rage-quitting

Hello, my name is FDream.

I am a xbox live SFIV player who has a tendancy too ragequit because sometimes this game frustrates me to no end.

I would like too apologize too all SFIV players i’ve quitted on and too promise not to rage quit anymore.

my child…

the good lord still loves all his children.

pats head

Over a hundered views but one reply?

Guess rage quiting is a good thing

Some people just aren’t as forgiving I guess.

Maybe nobody cares

m rage quit as much as you want, not gonna hurt us ._.

Why do you do it? Frustration is one thing but, why quit every match before it ends?

The only person you hurt by rage quitting is yourself; ‘repent’ through actions and not words.

The point of this forum is to answer people’s newbie questions. You didn’t ask a question. We don’t do introductions either. I don’t know what you want people to say.

The point of this forum is to answer people’s newbie questions. You didn’t ask a question. We don’t do introductions either. I don’t know what you want people to say.

It’s pretty obvious what he wants people to say, “OMG Y U QUIT U SCRUB etc etc”, the fact that he instantly commented on views vs posts furthers that, just close this troll thread.

I actually rage quit on SFIV because there are a lot of very SAFE char in this game: Sagat,Ryu,Balrog.

I cant be the only one who finds this matchup frustrating and annoying because off the amount off effort the Sagat,Ryu,Balrog player has to put in the game.

Next to nothing.

P.s Scrubs and Trolling are overused words

It’s called nobody gives a damn.

IMO, as long as you have that mentality, the game is going to be difficult for you.

If you go into a Sagat/Ryu/Boxer matchup with the mindset that you’re already pretty much defeated, then… well, you are. You will just continue to get frustrated as they utilize their “safe” options (especially online, where some traps are hard to break out of - especially on reaction - due to the latency).

Not that you started this thread looking for suggestions, but… my suggestion is to learn to use those characters, at least well enough to know how their “safe” techniques actually work. E.G., jab/poke/headbutt abuse with Boxer, TK loops with Sagat, whatever you consider safe with Ryu (Maybe corner x hado, s.HK traps?). It’s a lot easier to beat characters when you know how to use them, especially the level of play that you find online.

When you go online and use these techniques, and you lose, consider the scenario you were in when you lost. E.G., Were you too close for that hadouken to be effective? If so, try to get yourself in that same range when you’re fighting Ryu next time.

Other than that, not sure what to tell you. Ragequitting sucks, and is just a waste of everyone’s time. Yeah, you may get frustrated, but does it make you feel better than you aren’t a statistic? I mean, you still mentally lost the match, and that should be worse than any number on your W:L ratio. If not, you may not have the right mindset to be taking the game so seriously in the first place (or haven’t yet conditioned yourself, perhaps.)

They’re not safe you just don’t know how to beat them

Don’t feed the trolls

He’s got three strikes against him,

  1. he plays online.
  2. he takes it with any degree of seriousness.
  3. he plays on Xbox Live.

just take your lumps and and the beating and either keep losing or evolve and find a way to compete effectively

i think you find out more when you lose and wy you lose

That’s a goon-esque post, but I forgive you because your sig and shenmue are both awesome.