A lot of people will probably think this is stupid, as they’re on the other side of the fence, but for those who like me were a bit… blase (‘Of course that’ll make it better, retard’) about repetition for execution, after finally deciding that I’d do a week of reps for some basic shoto inputs, it really has made a HUGELY noticable difference in my game. All I did was spend 10 minutes at the end of each night, doing 100 hadoukens from each side, and 100 shoryukens from each side. 400 reps in about 8~10 minutes is nothing.

Kind of common sense, but it is pretty cool to have charted it.

Numbers don’t lie!

Great idea charting it!

I might start doing this regularly

I find, particularly with shotos, I’m more accurate from one side of the screen than the other.
As I main a charger (Dee Jay) I don’t really have that problem so much but when I want to mix it up online I find myself choosing another charger just to avoid getting it handed to me due to poor execution.

Good stuff, man.

I initially misread SRK as SEX and I thought you were the man for having sex for 79% of the day.

I guess doing SRK’s 79% of the time is cool, too.

Sounds like a cool idea to me.


you are the man