Repetitive Strain Injury & Fighting Games

I’ve recently KO’d my own arm with RSI, and being that RSI tends to be something that you have to learn to live with rather than recover from I’m having to think about ways of adjusting my lifestyle to try and manage my injury.

One of the first and most obvious things I’m having to do is spend a lot less time on the computer and a lot less time gaming in general.

Now for most games this is fine; limiting the amount of time I’m putting in doesn’t seriously impede my ability to play - and I can use all that free time developing other interests.

Fighting games are different though as they tend to be fairly practise intensive and what I’m wondering is if anyone has any advice for how I might be able to manage my RSI without dropping out of playing FGs “seriously”?

On a side note, one nice side effect of RSI is that it really helps to discourage mashing, because as it turns out mashing is much more painful than timing inputs correctly. Yay for negative feedback!

If you’re hurting yourself playing games, you’re doing it wrong. Quit going crazy on the controller and just use your hands, not your whole arm.

Quit being a pussy saying your arm hurts or stop jerking to hard, slow and easy will still get ya to cum.

A lot of the stuff that makes your hands work is actually in your arms, hence the arm pain from button presses, mouse clicks and whatnot.

But actually you are right enough, I’ve been trying to consciously make use of absolute minimal movements which helps - as I say its kind of useful actually that mashing hurts.